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Do You know? A shiny leather shoe helps to grow your personality to the highest level.

New leather shoes shine for a few days, but if used repeatedly without conditioning with a leather shoe conditioner, soon it dries out and causes cracks on the leather which looks really bad. I know you must have a pair of leather shoes in your shoe collection.

And if you have this same problem, then you must read this article for the healthy life of your leather shoes.

To help you out, we made a list of 6 Branded Leather Connditioners for Shoe’s Life in India after hours of research and considering their features.

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6 Best Leather Protectors For Shoes:






1. Pro Creme Luxe (Top Pick)

Conditioner only

Neutral Cream (150ml)

2. The Cleaning Guys Leather Conditioner

Conditioner only

Neutral liquid (440ml)

3. Formula 1 Mr.Leather Spray

Conditioner only

Neutral liquid (473ml)

4. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner (Premium Pick)

Conditioner only

Neutral liquid (118ml)

5. Wavex Leather Conditioner+Protectant (Best Choice)

1 conditioner + 1 microfiber Cloth + 1 foam Applicator

Neutral Cream (1 liter)

6. Auto Bros Complete Leather Care Kit

Leather cleaner + Leather Conditioner +1 Microfiber Cloth + 2 Foam Pad Applicator.

Neutral liquids (500ml +500ml)

1. Pro Creme Luxe


  • Colour: Neutral
  • Item quantity: 150 ml
  • Works with All smooth leathers
  • Water-based cleaning fluid cream
  • Solvent-free and made with prestigious waxes

Quick Review:

The Pro company is very passionate about footwear and makes various essentials for shoes. One of them is Pro Creme Luxe leather conditioner. This leather cream can be used on shoes as well as only on various leather products like wallets, bags etc.

I would call it versatile in terms of work efficiency as we have seen during testing that it conditioned the shoes as well as added freshness and softness. In terms of ingredients, this cream is solvent free and made from non-toxic wax.

Here is a pic of Pro leather cream while using it on shoes.

The cream penetrates deep into the leather of the shoe and provides complete nourishment, as a result i got a soft / silky feeling with a natural shine on the leather of the shoe. It not only nourishes but also enhances the smooth feel of leather shoes. As it’s compatible with all smooth leathers so you can use it on shoes, bags and other leather accessories.


  • Nourishes and Enhances the feel of leather.
  • Spreads a mild fragrance.
  • Free of solvent
  • Non-toxic


  • Need to use it repeatedly to maintain the shine of the shoe.

2. The Cleaning Guys Leather Conditioner


  • Colour: Neutral
  • Content: 440 ml
  • Size: 650 Grams
  • Non-toxic
  • Formula type: Liquid
  • Recommended for: Smooth, finished leather surfaces
  • Can be used on leather sofa and furniture, car seats & interiors, jackets, purses, handbags, etc.

Quick Review:

Although the “Cleaning” in the brand name but it does not remove stains from leather shoes but helps to nourish the lather of the shoes. The Cleaning Guyz usually makes products focusing on the motor vehicle. However, with its non-toxic leather conditioner, you can condition different types of leather products.

This conditioner is versatile, such as it moisturizes as well as keeps the leather clean,protects and restores elasticity and shine of the shoe. After applying it on a two year old and rough leather jacket, my team noticed it immediately cleaned and softened the leather surface.

It is very easy to use, you just need to take small amounts of conditioner on top of a sponge (which comes with this product) and rub gently on the leather in a circular motion. It cleans and softens the leather immediately after application. Maintain the quality of your expensive leather products for a long time by investing less money.


  • Can treat fungus on the leather.
  • Doesn’t leave any unbearable smell.
  • Environment frendly
  • Easily usable


  • Not a stain remover
  • Not for suede, nubuck or any unfinished leather.

3. Formula 1 Mr.Leather Spray


  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Volume: 473 Millilitres
  • Weight: 500 Grams
  • Made with exclusive Mink Oil-enriched
  • Made in USA
  • Worked with: Leather, Plastic, Vinyl

Quick Review:

One such product that can care leather and save time is Formula 1 Mr.Leather Spray. There are many types of leather conditioner in the market but it is not just a shoe conditioner but aslo a shoe cleaner. There is a specialty in this.

Formula 1 Mr.Leather Spray is a product made from the veg carnauba wax, a resin derived from the leaves of a palm tree called Copernica serifera. These trees are found mostly in northeastern Brazil. Locals in Brazil call this tree a “Tree of life” because it can be used for many purposes in daily life. Pure carnauba wax takes longer to melt than other normal waxes.

Some pictures of Mr leather while using it on leather

This wax has a great ability to soften the leather and keep it fresh for a long time. One of its most helpful features is that when it comes in contact with water, it swells and closes its pores. Carnauba wax also can hold oil for up to 6 months. While using it, it can be seen that minor scratches can be easily removed from leather using Formula One due to its advanced micro-polishing technology.


  • Water Resistant
  • leaves no oil residues
  • Gives instant shine


  • Can’t remove the hard stains

4. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner


  • Item quantity: 118 Millilitres
  • Made In The Usa
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Made with non-toxic, safe materials
  • Ideal for a variety of leather-based apparels
  • Can be used on leather boots, leather furniture, saddles and tack, gloves, baseball mitts, apparel, upholstery and automobile and motorcycle seats and accessories.

Quick Review:

We have been using leather products since ancient times. Leather is a necessity in our daily life. Sustaining leather products for a long time is a challenging thing indeed. Honey Leather Conditioner was first made during 1968 and since then it has been gained worldwide reputation for providing quality care to various leather products.

This conditioner comes in a sturdy and beautiful 2Z bottle. Quality and non-toxic materials have been used to make it. It keeps the leather of the shoe fresh for a long time, the manufacturers claim that the results of this conditioner can last up to 6 months on the leather. My team and I believe it is the best leather conditioner on the market.

Here are some pics while using Leather Honey on shoes

The product is more expensive than others but does not have to bother to use. All you have to do is clean the leather part, let it dry for a while and then apply the conditioner, your leather shoes will be healthy and strong. Simply put, it is not a costly purchase but a valuable investment.


  • Protects from water, snow and rain.
  • The results are long lasting.
  • toxic free
  • Non sticky
  • Free of silicone
  • No use of animal products


  • Product quantity is low.

5. Wavex Leather Conditioner+Protectant


  • Item quantity: 1 liter
  • Content: Leather conditioner, 1 Microfiber Cloth and 1 Foam Applicator
  • Works great with plastics, leather, vinyl and rubbers.
  • Available in 350 Gm, 1 Kg , 5Kg and 20 Kg pack.

Quick Review:

WaveX has been developing high quality products for a long time to keep the various parts of the car (whether interior or exterior) shining and maintaining their quality. One of them is leather conditioner. As they are professional in cleaning and polishing work, they know what is needed for a long healthy life of leather.

After using this leather conditioner on cracked and dry leather, I found that it creates a protective layer by nourishing and conditioning the leather. It can easily make a one or two year old leather jacket look like new again. It is not only a conditioner but also a protector. It keeps harmful UV rays away from the leather and maintains the natural shine of the leather for a long time.

Here are some pics of Wavex leather conditioner after using it on shoes

This conditioner is available in different package options like 350 Gm, 1 Kg, 5 Kg and 20 Kg pack. It can be called a complete leather care product. With the conditioner you will get a Microfiber Cloth and a Foam Applicator.


  • Add a posh peach fragrance.
  • UV rays protector
  • Available in multiple package options
  • Long lasting performance.


  • Does not remove stains.

6. Auto Bros Complete Leather Care Kit


  • Quantity: 500 ml each formula
  • Content: Leather cleaner + Leather Conditioner +1 Microfiber Cloth + 2 Foam Pad Applicator.
  • Leather Cleaner: A pH-balanced product
  • Leather conditioner made from a mixture of high quality oils.
  • Useful for car seats, upholstery, furniture, handbags, purses, shoes, jackets, accessories etc.

Quick Review:

The Autobros company manufactures its products exclusively for automobiles. The products are usually made to clean the parts of cars and maintaining their quality. One of these products is Wavex Leather Conditioner+Protectant. What I like about this product is that it comes as a complete cleaning kit that helps you take 100% proper care of leather shoes and other items.

The leather conditioner formula is made entirely of natural oils and non-toxic substances. As the leather cleaning solution is a pH-balanced product so we were able to remoe hard dirt and excess oil from the leather while testing. It is worth mentioning that this leather conditioner is versatile as it penetrates deep into the leather and moisturizes as well as restores the original flexibility and shine of the shoes.

Here are some pics while testing Autobros leather conditioner on leather.

Another helpful feature of this conditioner is that it protects from the harmful UV rays which cause the leather to fade, crack and dry out. Also i will say it is easily usable. To clean and condition the leather, first take the cleaning solutions on a dry cloth and rub gently on the leather, after a while take a small amount of leather conditioner on a dry clean cloth and apply on the leather area.


  • Leaves a light fragrance.
  • Suitable for new and old leather of all colors.
  • Packed with a complete leather care kit.
  • Protects from harmful UV rays.


  • Not for suede, Nubuck or any unfinished leather.

Personal Recommendation


PRO CREME LUXE. It is one of the best budget leather conditioner. It’s cheaper among the 6 leather conditioners but made with prestigious waxes. You can’t find any solvent in this conditioner because it’s totally Water-based cleaning fluid cream and also matches with all aspects of our buying guide.

2. Leather Honey Leather Conditioner 8oz

It is the product of US based company “Leather Honey”. Since 1968 they have been showing people the actual path to care gor leather products. And i can say undoubtedly that this non-toxic 118ml leather conditioner is worth the money. No other leather conditioner can beat it’s results and reliability as well. Not just leather shoes if you have multiple leather stuffs like purse, handbags, just go for it.

Leather Shoe Conditioner Buying Guide:

Never buy leather shoe cream without considering these. It is important to have these key features in your leather shoe cream. These are the main features that will improve the color and health of your leather shoes. Hence, read carefully.


Some leather conditioners have very good packaging systems but one of the biggest drawback of them is that over time they change color of the leather. It is not noticeable on the first day but after 2/3 months faint black spots can be noticed on smooth leather shoes.

Honestly speaking, almost all conditioner can darken the leather more or less. The higher quality the conditioner, the less darker the leather will be.

That’s why you should use leather conditioners made with natural ingredients. But the question is how do you find a leather conditioner that doesn’t darken the leather over time? If you want to know the answer, either look at the list of Personally Recomended Products made by shoeslo ​​or read the customer reviews instead of listening to the false claims of the company.


The first condition for polishing shoes is that the color of the leather conditioner should match the color of your shoes. If you use any shoe cream without considering of the color of your shoes, you may face a big problem.

Leather conditioner helps to brighten the color of your shoes. So If the leather shoes turns pale, you can easily revive the shoes by using a leather protector. Currently almost every color leather shoe has its own shoe cream, you just have to choose the right color.

Just as black polish is suitable for your black leather shoes, red polish for red leather shoes, brown polish for brown shoes will be good.

But if you don’t get the right leather conditioner for your shoe color, you can use a neutral color cream. Neutral leather conditioners perfect for shoes of any color. A neutral color leather conditioner enhances the color of any leather shoe and makes it shiny for a long time.


The ingredients of leather conditioner is another important factor that will determine the lifetime of your shoes. Yes it is true!

The ingredients of shoe polish may not seem so important to you, but If you know a lot about shoe polish and proper shoe care, you will understand why it is worth considering. It is a basic need for leather shoes.

A good leather conditioner is made with mostly natural ingredients that can be nutritious for shoes. The right ingredients will protect your shoes from cracks that can accelerate damage.

Try to avoid leather conditioner made of silicone and petroleum by-products as much as possible as these can be harmful to your leather shoes. So if you have any expensive leather shoes then you must consider this issue.

Types Of Leather Shoe Cream:

In addition to the shoe cream, you have a few more options that similarly help to increase the shine of leather shoes. There are basically 7 types of shoe polish.

Wax Polish:

Compared to other shoe polish options, wax polish helps to give your shoes maximum protection, it also acts as a versatile tool. Mainly made with wax materials and a small amount of pigment.

If you got small holes or patches on your leather shoes after using them, you can smooth the surface of your shoes completely by using wax polish repeatedly.

The biggest advantage of using wax shoe polish is that wax is a hydrophobic material. Using wax polish on shoes creates an extra waterproof layer that will protect in all weathers.

Liquid Polish:

If you want to quickly and easily make your hair shiny as much as possible, this policy can make your hair shiny in just one minute with a liquid shoe for you.

Liquid polish, like other polishes, fills the cracks in your shoes and forms a thin layer. It gives a smooth finish on the shoe as it is liquid in nature, so the light on the shoe can be reflected very well.

However, liquid shoe polish cannot penetrate the shoe material and as a result it cannot condition the leather.

Cream-Emulsion shoe polish:

Another great option to make your leather shoes shine like new is a cream polish. This cream polish is very different from the rest of the polishes. Most cream polishes are usually made with a cream base.

Cream polish protects your leather shoes from fading, it restores the color of your shoes and keeps them shiny all the time.

Compared to other shoe polishes, the biggest advantage of cream shoe polish is that the cream polish has different color options, so you can choose the cream polish of your choice according to the color of your shoes.

Although shoe cream polish is suitable for most leather shoes, if your leather shoes are made of cell cordovan leather then this polish can be harmful for them.

Leather conditioner:

Leather shoes require special care to keep them looking like new, for which leather conditioner can be a great alternative. Leather conditioner similarly helps keep your leather shoes in good condition.

When leather shoes are not conditioned in a timely manner, natural oils are slowly released from the leather, creating an open space for water to enter the leather. The water enters through those places and then dries up and causes cracks on the leather.

The leather conditioner keeps the leather smooth, soft and healthy by filling the cracks and pores of the shoes. But leather conditioner will only work better if it is first used with a shoe cleaner.

Mink Oil:

Mink oil is another popular leather conditioner that is used in polishing shoes as well as in medical procedures. This oil is a natural ingredient derived from mink fat.

Originally used by Native Americans to treat leather goods, the oil has been growing in popularity since the 1950s.

As the leather ages, the natural oils on the leather begin to dry out. When the oil is replaced by water, the leather becomes disease, resulting in cracks in the shoe, making the shoe stiff.

Mink oil has enough power to compensate for the damage caused by leather boots, Mink oil can penetrate the leather and help to lubricate the leather. Being oily in nature, it helps to smooth the shoes as well as make them flexible and water resistant.

How To Apply Leather Conditioner On Boots

Shoe caring is a great skill. Whether it’s an upcoming party, a graduation ceremony, or an ordinary day at the office, a pair of shiny shoes can set you apart from the crowd. Not everyone can take care of their leather shoes, but by reading these leather shoe care tips you can find out what your leather shoes are expecting from you.

  • Prepare your work area: Keep some newspapers or old clothes in the work area as stains can stick in the work place while polishing.
  • Remove the laces: This just makes things easier.
  • Put in a shoe tree or some rolled up newspaper: When polishing, it holds the size of the shoe properly so that you can polish the area around the shoe well. You can also use your hands inside the shoe if you want. (use gulfs).
  • Remove excess dirt: You can do this with a clean cloth or brush. Basically, remove mud or liquid from your leather shoes before polishing them to avoid stains and scratches.
  • Apply leather conditioner: Apply your leather conditioner to the boot with an applicator brush or applicator pad. Wait a few hours for it to dry.
  • Rub conditioner into the boot: Take a small amount of conditioner on a clean cloth (a cloth made of chamomile or terrycloth is ideal) and rub it on the leather. Use small and gentle circular motions rather than pushing hard down. Go back and forth along each part of the boot and cover all cracks and creases on the boot.
  • Let boots dry for 20 minutes.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess product: If there is excess oil on the boots the next day, rub them again with a clean rag to absorb the excess oil or moisture.

Based On A True Story

One day a friend of mine thought of shining his favorite leather shoes to attend an event. Being in a hurry he brings a leather shoe cream from a nearby shoe store, but he doesn’t check if it will be suitable for his leather shoes.

Using it, he noticed that for the first few days, the front of his leather shoes were shining brightly. He attended the festival wearing those shoes. After a month, he noticed that there were a few cracks in the corner of his favorite leather shoes, but he didn’t notice them and continue to using the shoe cream on the shoe pair.

But gradually, in just a few months, the leather shoes of his choice began to break down from everywhere and eventually the shoes became hard and almost non-wearable. So simply put, not considering a good shoe cream for his leather shoes became a curse for his shoes.


Q. Do you need leather conditioner for shoes?

If you have original leather shoes, you must use leather conditioner. Just as we use body lotions or oils to keep our leather fresh and healthy, leather conditioners also help to nourish, protect the leather and maintain their natural shine.

Q. How often should you condition leather shoes?

Users of leather shoes often ask this question. In my opinion, clean well your leather shoes at least once a month and condition them with branded leather conditioner. Here I’ve created a list of some of the top quality leather conditioners. Remember a quality conditioner not only conditions the leather but also nourishes and improves the soft feeling of the leather.

Q. How do I keep my leather shoes from cracking?

Naturally humid climate is a very helpful environment for protecting leather products from cracking because the humid environment helps to hold leather moisture. However, if you live in a dry climate, you can apply leather conditioners on regular leather products to protect them from cracking.

Q. Is Vaseline good for leather?

Yes, Vaseline or petroleum jelly helps to clean and soften leather shoes for the short terms. However, after applying it, the leather feels a little sticky and its results do not last long. Vaseline should be used on the leather keeping these two things in mind.

Q. What can I use instead of leather conditioner?

Products that work like a leather conditioner can be found in everyone’s home, they are also able to clean and condition leather shoes or various leather products as well as to maintain its natural shine. If you do not have leather conditioner, you can apply these methods.

If you have olive oil in your kitchen, take a few drops on a clean cloth and start rubbing it gently on the leather area in a circular motion. It restores leather health and repairs small stains/scratches

Coconut oil is another great leather conditioner for shoes that is able to clean, keep healthy and condition the leather. All you have to do is take a few drops of coconut oil on a clean dry cloth and rub it lightly on the leather. Before using coconut oil, heat it a little so that it melts completely and works well with the leather.

Q. Does leather conditioner waterproof?

Not all leather conditioners are waterproof but there are some conditioners that have the power,

In my opinion a leather conditioner should never be waterproof. The waterproof conditioner makes the leather unbreathable. A good leather conditioner penetrates the leather and makes it soft and breathable. The leather will last as long as it is breathable.

Q. What is the best thing to condition leather with?

There are lot of things you can do after conditioning leather products. You can use leather creams that will give shine, you can use leather oils that can soften leather and last you can use leather waxes which provide nutrition to the leather.

Q. What is a good natural leather conditioner?

The best natural leather conditioner are the coconut oil and beewax.

Q. What is the best way to condition leather naturally?

To condition the leather naturally, we need to use natural products or make a natural conditioner. Many people question that “What is a good at home leather conditioner?”

To make a natural leather conditioner at home, you need to mix two cups of warm water, one spoon of natural baby soap and a small amount of vinegar in a bowl. Now dip a cloth in the mixture and apply it gently on the leather.

Q. Is condition leather necessary?

Yes of course, conditioning the leather is very important. Like if we don’t take care of our leather or if we don’t use body lotion or oil then our leather can become rough. Similarly, if leather is not properly conditioned, it will become dry, rough and lose its luster.

The Bottom Line:

This is the complete in-depth post about “Best leather conditioner for shoes“.

In this post I’ve shared informations about 5 best leather shoe creams that can enhance the dry life of your leather shoes. And also “What are the things you should consider before buying a shoe polish cream” and “how to shine shoes” these types of factors you could know from here.

If you don’t want to read the full article or don’t have enough time to figure out which one will be the best leather conditioner for your shoes then you can go with the Auto Bros Complete Leather Care Kit, Wavex Leather
or Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. Me and my team can assure you that this shoe glue won’t make you regret in terms of adhesive power, durability and cleanliness.

Note: This is just a free suggestion from us. The final decision will be yours.

Then let me know in the comments section which one you found best for your leather shoes and why you chose the product?

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