6 Ultimate Caring Tips To Protect Leather Shoes In 2023

Did you know that leather shoes can enhance your personality a lot more than other shoes?

We all know leather is a versatile and sturdy material, it can be used to make different types of products. But if you don’t invest time to taking care of your leather products then they will soon be attacked by malnutrition and cracking.

Fortunately, here are plenty caring tips that you can use to protect your Leather Shoes and give a better healthy life to them.

Believe me, after reading this article you will be able to keep your leather shoes like new for the rest of your life.

So let’s get started.

Protect Leather Shoes With 6 Best Caring Tips

1. Use shoes trees:

After hear the name, you may think of a tree, but i want to tell you it is like not a tree.

The name can be a bit confusing if you haven’t seen it.

Credit: Amazon

Shoe trees help to physically hold the shape of the shoes while you are not wearing them. But the most important thing is, they help absorb moisture from the shoes and that prevent leather shoes from breaking down over time.

It has the added benefit of fighting odor because of the smell But the condition is that it must be made of wood. I’ve checked that you will find wooden as well as plastic shoe trees in the amazon.

An alternative idea: Grab some newspapers, wrap them and put them in your leather shoes. It doesn’t give you the firmness to hold the shape like a shoe tree, but it is best at absorbing moisture.

another option

2. Use Dust bags:

What do you know about dust bags? A fabric bag that keeps dust away from shoes, right??

If you only know about dust bags that they keeps dust away from shoes then you know less about Dust bags.

Credit: Amazon

Dust bags help protect your shoes from creases – especially if they are in a cupboard filled with other shoes. Or if they are in a sunny environment, dust bags will protect your leather shoes from fading.

Dust bags are also suitable for travel. I don’t know about you, but when I pack I absolutely don’t want the dirty soles of my shoes to rub against my clean underwear or other clothing.

He, he!

Before buying any dust bag online, make sure to get a dust bag made with breathable material. Plastic bags or synthetic fabrics might trap moisture, which over time can actually lead to bad for shoes.

3. Remove Odor From Shoes:

  • How to remove bad smell of leather shoes?
  • What are the best ways to remove smell from shoes?

This type of questions most people ask often.

If you suffering the same problem let me tell you, don’t worry I have an easy way to make your shoes odorless easily.

Put some orange peels in your shoes and leave them overnight. The next day, 90% of the odor will be removed from the shoes.

Orange peels refreshes the inside of shoe by absorbing the moisture and odor.

But, it’s also true fact that,

you can’t get oranges in every month of a year that’s why here are the other 4 super hacks to remove bad smell quickly from your shoes.

4. Use the right way to put off your shoes:

When we get a brand new pair and we come out in public we are actually quite aware of the shoes.

“Please…Mah New shoes. Make 2 miters distance, don’t. Step. On. Them!”

But, one thing that you might avoiding is not wearing shoes properly and not taking them off properly which might actually harm them.

Tip: if your shoes are a bit tight and too hard to slip, you can use a shoe horn. Shoe horn are developed for leather shoes because the back of such shoes are stiff.

Credit: Distilled Man

Simply place the shoehorn on the back of the shoe and use it to gently insert your heel into the shoe.

But do you know the right way to take your shoes off. I think everyone knows it but very few people apply it.

First, never be lazy and Do not use the toe of other shoes on the back to take off the shoe.

The proper way to take off your shoe is to make sure the laces are completely untied and then grab the shoe by the bottom of the heel and pull. This may be a small strategy but believe me it will make your leather shoes longer.

5. Give your pair a mirror-like finish:

Well, were you wondering when the leather shoe cleaning part would come?

If so, your wait is over.

In order to keep leather shoes new you have to polish them but there is no right answer to how often they have to shine. It’s up to you how often you wear your shoes and how you take care of them.

If you wear your shoes every day then probably need a weekly polish. Otherwise, every month or every 3-6 months might be fine.

The steps to give a mirror-like finish.
  • Prepare your work area: Stains can stick on the work area when polishing so if you don’t want to make your mom or wife angry, put down some newspaper or old clothes in the work place.
  • Remove the laces: This just makes things easier.
  • Put in a shoe tree or some rolled up newspaper: When polishing it simply holds the size of the shoe correctly so that your shoes get a great shine. You can also use your hand inside the shoes if you want (use gulfs).
  • Remove excess dirt: You can do this with a clean cloth or a brush. Basically, remove excess dirt from your leather shoes before polishing them.
  • Apply a layer of shoe polish with a cloth or brush, and let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. ( in this gap you can practice your hobby or call your girlfriend )
  • Gently brush the shoes with a shoe brush: After 15-20 minuites start rubbing the shoe lightly with a shoe brush. This helps to distribute the polish evenly, but the heat and abrasion from the brush also helps to melt the polish so that it spreads more evenly and can go all corners.
  • Polish with a soft cloth: When you start polish the shoes gently with a soft cloth after brushing, the shiny rise begins.
  • Last but not the least “Super Shine”: I named it Super Shine because it really gives leather shoes a great shine. Sprinkle or dab a few drops of water evenly in a few places, then rub it and polish with a soft cloth. It will give you that mirror-like finish.

(Note: You only want to do this in places where the leather is smooth and firm, like the toe and the heel. If you do it where there are wrinkles, this can actually highlight the wrinkles even more, which is bad.)

6. Make your leather shoes slip-rasistant:

You have used more than one pair of leather shoe then you know most of the leather shoes do not have enough grip on their soles. so the chances of slipping are very high.

To save yourself,

Take a sandpaper and rub it well on the soles of the shoes that do not have grip. This will make the sole of the shoe uneven which will help you while walking.


Can you protect leather shoes?

Yes, although protecting leather shoes from dryness, cracking up is a tough job but if you follow the rules mentioned above regularly then i can guarantee you that your leather shoes will last long.

Should you moisturize leather shoes?

Yes, we should use best leather conditioners to moisturize leather shoes. As we use face cream or body lotion to make our skin more refreshing and healthy, leather shoes also need the leather care products to sustain more years. Best leather conditioners in India not only moisture the leather but also protect it from becoming too dry and from cracking up and maintain the natural shine of it.

How do I keep my leather shoes from cracking?

Leather is a natural material that can dry out and crack if it is exposed to heat or if it isn’t properly maintained. The following tips can prevent your leather shoes from cracking.

1. Clean dirt and dust with a soft, dry brush or cloth
2. Remove the creases from patent leather with castor oil or mink oil
3. Follow the 3 NO. tip of this artice
4. Apply The Best Leather Conditioners to your leather shoes once a week
5. Keep your boots away from heat/sunlight and let them air dry
6. Use a shoe tree to maintain the original shape of your shoes
7. Arrange your shoes with the Space-Saver Shoe Organizers or in a shoe rack to protect them

How often should I moisturize my leather shoes?

If you have original leather shoes, you must use leather conditioner in every couple of weeks to moisturize them. Although Leather conditioner also known as leather cream, they come in the form of oils, sprays, and even wipes. 

How to care for soft leather shoes?

If you follow these tips you can also be able to take care of your soft leather shoes

1. Don’t wear your soft leather shoes every day. Let them rest
2. Clean dirt and dust with a soft, dry brush or cloth after using them
3. Use Nikwax Nubuck & Suede for your soft leather shoes
4. Use a shoe tree to maintain the original shape
5. Don’t use the shoes in inclement weather
6. Use a dust bag to protect the shoes

Can leather shoes get wet?

Yes. Leather shoes and boots can get wet. Even if you take good care of them, if your leather shoes get wet often, they are more likely to be damaged. You must follow certain rules to treat them.

Read: How To Deal With Leather Shoes When They Get Wet

How do you take care of black leather shoes?

Follow these steps to take care of your black leather shoes.

1. Clean dirt and dust with a soft, dry brush or cloth
2. Use castor oil or mink oil to remove creases from the skin
3. Follow the best ways to get rid of bad odor from shoes
4. Use a shoe tree to maintain the original shape of your shoe
5. Apply the best leather conditioner on leather shoes at least once a week
6. Keep your boots away from heat / sunlight and let them air dry
7. Securely arrange your shoes with space-saver shoe organizer or a shoe rack.

How to care for full grain leather boots?

Honestly, taking care of full grain leather shoes is very easy. You’ll need only 1 or 2 products. Choose a best leather conditioner like honey leather conditioner to moisturize and nourish the leather of your shoes. If you spend a lot of time in wet and messy environment, choose beeswax as a natural and effective waterproofing agent to protect the leather from water.


The Bottom Line:

This is a complete in-depth post about ” How To Take Care Of Leather Shoes?

In this post I’ve shared a total of 6 best methods that will help you to do it. After reading these methods, you will understand that taking care of leather shoes is not that difficult. Your little effort will keep your leather shoes new for a long time.

Which part of this article do you like most? And what extra things you do on your shoes let me also know in the comment section!

Now it’s your turn to apply all the ways to maintaining your leather shoes.

If you found this post informational please share it with your family and friends. I am sure they will appreciate it.

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