How To Unyellow Your White Shoes Instantly?

White shoes turned yellow? Do you know that the Current condition of your White Shoes is responsible for turning Yellow and let me tell you the yellow stains on white leather or canvas shoes can be noticed from afar.

Are there any yellow spots on your white shoes? And you’re looking for safe ways to remove them?

Then you’ve came at the right place.

It is a very hard thing to keep the white shoes away from dirt and stains. Another big task is that if white shoes get hard yellow stains then it’s a mind boggling job to unyellow the white shoes.

But like all other problems this problem also has a solution. You need to follow some easy techniques which will lead you to the result.

But, Before jumping on the methods you should know actually Which wrong decisions are making your white shoes yellow.

Trust me, after reading this article you will able to easily remove yellow stains from white shoes.

So, let’s jump into it .

Why Do White Shoes Turn Yellow?

It is common for a white shoe to turn yellow. It can occur for a variety of reasons.

Below are some of the reasons why white shoes are forced to turn yellow. More importantly you can also learn from this what you should not do to protect your white shoes from yellow stains.

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The Causes Of Yellowing In White Shoes:

1. The most common cause of white shoes turning yellow is wearing shoes with sw

eaty feet or dirt on the shoes. White shoes can turn yellow over time due to constant accumulation of dirt and sweat.

2. White shoes turned yellow after washing? If the shoes are not washed well, the detergent powder sticks to the shoes and if those white shoes are left to dry in the direct sunlight and air for a long time, a chemical reaction occurs in the shoes causing your white shoes to gradually turn yellow.

3. Another reason is that many people do not use the correct washing method for white shoe material. Not all white shoe materials are the same so all white shoes should not be washed in the same way. If you do not know the rules then my friend your white sneakers are in danger. Please learn the methods.

Best Ways To Get The Yellow Stains Out Of White Shoes:

1. Clean White Shoes Using The Appropriate Technique

The Internet has many rules for washing white shoes, but as I said before, not all white shoes should be washed in the same way. Because all white shoes are made of different materials. Such as Leather, Fabric etc.

Yellow stains are usually found on white shoes and shoe soles. If you clean your shoes properly, the chances of getting rid of yellow stains are much higher.

Here I am sharing the link of an article where I have described in detail the correct washing techniques of different shoe materials.

2. The Mummy Shoe Technique

If some how the yellow spots on your white shoes do not go away after using the first method, try this technique and you will surely succeed.

After a lot of research on the internet, I put this method in the 2nd position, you can trust on it.

At first I didn’t believe in this trick but I was shocked to see the result. The yellow spots from the shoes disappear like magic.

You will need,

  • Tissue Papers/ Toilet Papers (split into square pieces)
  • A bowl of normal water.

Here I pasted a video which will help you to understand that the 2nd trick really works.

Watch it or read the guide.
  1. Cleen your white shoes. ( follow the first method)
  2. First fill a container with water. Then take a split tissue paper and slide it in the water to soak and place it on the shoe, then put another tissue paper on it and double layer it. Repeat the process to cover the whole body of the shoe.
  3. After covering the entire body of the shoe, it is the time to dry it. Leave the shoe in a shady place or at room temperature for 12-24 hours instead of exposing it to sunlight.
  4. When the time is up, you will see the tissue papers have dried, then remove the dry tissue papers from the shoes.

When the tissue papers will dry you can notice that they have turned a bit yellow colour. The tissue paper absorbs the yellow stains which makes the white shoes unyellow.

• Disclaimer: It is a time consuming process to remove yellow stains from any white shoes. Yellow spots do not want to go away easily from white material so you need to give 2-3 days to remove them.

The Bottom Line:

This is the complete in-depth post “How to remove yellow strains from white shoes?

In this post I’ve share a total of 2 authorative methods that will help you to do it. Both are them are safe and best.

Which part of this article do you like most? And if you know other tricks to remove yellow stains from shoes let me also know in the comment section!

Now it’s your turn to apply all the ways to turn yellow shoes white again.

Hope you enjoyed this short article.

If you found this post informational please share this with your family and friends. I am sure they will appreciate it.

Tada! See you in the next post.

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