10 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Adidas

We all can recognise the Adidas brand by seeing its iconic 3 stripes. Adidas is the biggest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second in the whole world.

Although all sportswear brands are very popular in India. But in my opinion, there is no brand except Adidas that has won the hearts of people equally in all aspects of life such as fashion, lifestyle, sports.

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Today I want to share with you 10 unknown facts about a brand that has transformed from a small business to a 16 billion dollar (in 2020) company.

I’m sure you haven’t heard most of them.

Ok, so let me start with a quick introduction about Adidas.

Quick intro:

Adidas owned by Adolf Dassler. He started a shoe business as a family business with his brother Rudolf Dassler from their Mother’s laundry. It was located in a small town in Germany.

And the name of their first company was “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory” (Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik).

After World War II both brothers split up their family business due to misunderstanding, Adolf Dassler created his own sports company called Adidas and his older brother Rudolf Dassler also created his new sports company called Puma.

Yes, it’s Puma.

I know you are shocked to hear this unknown information and this is the fact no.1.

(If you want to know the inspiring story of the two brothers: then read The Success Story Of Adidas and Puma.)

#2 fact

Adidas has made a wide variety of expensive shoes, but the most expensive Adidas shoes are the HRT Chanel and Farrell NMD, which cost about $11,000, and the Friends and Family Burgundy, which cost about $8,000. The funny thing is, they weren’t made for sale to the public.

#3 fact

Adidas made the first shoe that works with a microprocessor, the name of this shoe is Adidas One, Adidas launched this Adidas One in 2005.

This shoe counts 5 million calculations per second, automatically adjusts the cushion level based on its environment, each show came with a battery and let me tell you it’s good for hundred hours of running.

#4 fact

Adidas created a shoe by recycling plastic from the sea. The name of the shoe is The Adidas Futurecraft Bio fabric. Adidas launched it in November of 2016.

It is made from a material called 100% Bio Steele fibre, a nature-based and fully biodegradable high-performance fibre, developed by the German biotech company, AMSilk. This shoe 15% lighter in weight than conventional synthetic fibres, strong all-natural ingredients are available.

#5 fact

The iconic 3 stripes logo came from another brand, we recognise the three stripes when we see it anywhere today but Adi Dassler only started using the iconic logo in 1951 after buying it from a Finnish Sports Equipment company called Karhu for today’s equivalent of around $1800 along with two bottles of whisky.

#6 fact

The Sam Smith model is the best selling Adidas shoe of all time, Since his debut in 1973 40 million pairs of Stan Smith’s tennis shoes has been sold.

Its design is so popular that other luxury brands such as Saint Laurent, Perry, Etq Amsterdam and Butter Row have copied its glamorous look.

#7 fact

Unfortunately for some British teenagers, Stan Smith sneakers were banned at a school in the UK, they are no longer allowed to wear these fashionable designs of shoes.

#8 fact

Adidas owns several companies such as Reebok, Rockport, Tailor-made company and 9% of FC Bayern Munich.

#9 fact

Many people believe that Adidas is the short form of All-Day-i-dream-about-sports but the brand name came from the founder and owner Adolf (Adi) Dassler. The first 3 words of the brand came from its first name Adi and the last 3 words were taken from its last name Das.

#10 fact

You have seen the three Adidas logos but these three logos have three different meanings and Adidas uses these three logos in their proper place.

1. This logo is a classic symbol that appears in all product lines. It would not be wrong to say that the three-striped logo is the cornerstone of Adidas branding.

2. The name of the three-leaf logo design is Trefoil which is used for the Originals product line (casual apparel and shoes). This logo stands for three parts of the world (North America, Europe, Asia) where one can buy its products. 

3. The 30 ° curved three-stripe logo of Adidas represents a mountain. This mountain sign is an ideal fit for performance lines designed for professional athletes. In the company’s own words, this logo tells us “The challenge to be faced The goals to be achieved”

The Bottom Line:

These are the 10 facts about Adidas that you probably never heard of.

In this article, I’ve shared 10 unknown information about the world’s 2nd largest footwear and clothing brand, Adidas that you probably didn’t know.

Believe me, fact no.1 and fact no. 5 was very shocking to me.

Which one shocked you most? Let me know in the comment section.

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