10 Unbelievable Facts About Nike That Will Surprise You.

Update: I updated this article in Feb 2022 with some clarification to make this article more easier to understand.

There are about 146 million Nike fans around the world today, if you are a true Nike fan among them you should know this.

10 amazing things you didn’t know about Nike.

Hey friend, welcome to Shoeslo.in, today I want to share with you 10 amazing facts about Nike, the world’s largest and most popular footwear and clothing brand. I’m sure you haven’t heard most of them.


So, let me start with a quick introduction about Nike,

Quick Intro:

The Nike company was founded in 1962 by Philips Knight, with his co-founder Bill Bowerman, his college days coach.

The idea to create this footwear company came to Philip’s mind when he was assigned to write in small business and marketing in his graduation days.

Since he loved running and was interested in it, he chose to write about the sports business.

To made his dream come true he went to Japan and from there the main story of Nike started.

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#1 Fact

Nike sells an average of 25 sneakers per second.
Based on 2016 numbers, the Nike brand makes seven hundred million dollars per week, one hundred million dollars per day, four million dollars per hour, sixty-six thousand dollar per minute and one thousand dollars per second. Which is equivalent to about 25 pairs of sneakers per second.

#2 Fact

This is Nike’s largest store, Nike Town New York. This building is made of glass from floor to ceiling.

The first floor is focused on women’s running where you can test out the sneakers on a treadmill that emulates a variety of different environment, the upper floor has a half-court basketball field for testing basketball sneakers and the third floor also has a mini football field where you can test a pair of soccer shoes.

#3 fact

Their first running shoe was made with a waffle iron which was made by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman,

One day he was eating waffles for breakfast, He realized that waffle iron grooves could make a great mold for running shoes with increasing traction, then he immediately got up from the table and collected the necessary materials to make Nike’s first shoes ” The Waffle trainer ” which debuted in 1974.

#4 Fact

When Drake collaborated with Nike to create the “Ovo Air Jordan 10 and 12“, the shoes immediately became a must-have for the high-end shoe collectors,

Drake gave away a pair of both shoes at a Toronto Raptors game and the fans quickly posted the shoes on eBay, the Ovo Air Jordan 10 were sold for around $20,000 and the Ovo Air Jordan 12 sold for around $10000.

#5 Fact

Carolyn Davidson was paid $35 for Nike’s logo design but in 1983 at a party in her honour, she was given a gold diamond ring in the shape of the “Swoosh” and 500 shares of Nike stock which were worth only about $150 but one time were worth close to $700,000.

#6 Fact

Nike recycles old shoes into playgrounds and sports tracks. Nike has been actively seeking to reduce their influence on Earth since the 1990s. They collect worn-out athletic shoes and transform them into what they call a Nike grind. More than 28 million Nike shoe products have been recycled till today.

#7 Fact

In the early days, Philip started selling shoes in his car boot outside every school. He sold about 1300 pairs of shoes and earned $8000 in the first year of the business.

#8 Fact

NIKE has won two Emmy awards for Best commercial. The first one was won in 1999 for the commercial ad “The Morning Offer” directed by Spike Jones, which showed a runner taking a jog on 1st January 2000 in the midst of a society that collapsing due to y2k,

the second Emmy was won in 2008 for an ad titled “Move” that showed various athletes in a wide range of sports without spoken any words for the entire 90 seconds.

*Click on the names of these ad to watch the videos.

#9 Fact

Michael Jordan did not want to wear the “Air Jordan one” at first Michael was not happy when he saw the Air Jordan Ones for the first time. He didn’t want to wear the shoes because he said they were made with the devil’s colours, the colours of his college rival North Carolina state which were black and red.


#10 Fact

Nike was first established under a separate name, the Nike company was first established as “Blue Ribbon Sports” in 1964 and didn’t officially become “Nike” until May 30th 1971. The Company was named after the Greek’s goddess of victory.

The Bottom Line:

These are the 10 unknown facts about Nike that you should know if you are a real Nike fan.

In this article I’ve shared some true facts about world’s largest footwear and clothing brand, Nike that you haven’t heard most of before. Fact no. 1 and Fact no. 2 shocked me most.

Aren’t they amazing?

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