Top 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoes Under ₹1500 In India 2023

Update: This article has been updated in January with some frequently asking questions and pictures.

Selecting fully Waterproof Hiking Shoes Under ₹1500 is a really tough task when there are few options available in the market. It was a mindboggling task to me to decide which shoe to choose and listed here.

But I had to make this article for a clear cut information. Today here we will discuss about 3 Best Waterproof Trekking Shoes under ₹1500 in India.

Ok, the fact is the shoes here are only water-resistant, not fully waterproof shoes. Because there are no such waterproof shoes present in Online Shopping Platforms that comes under ₹1500. If you really want to buy a good quality waterproof shoe for hiking then you have to invest more than ₹3000 in India.

I hope you are getting my point right?

But don’t worry, these hiking shoes are water-resistant but some body parts of them are waterproof. These hiking shoes will keep your feet dry for a long time in a damp environment of hilly areas than normal shoes.

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  • What is the best waterproof hiking shoe for men?
  • What does waterproof hiking shoes mean?
  • Which hiking boots are waterproof?

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3 Best Waterproof Shoes For Hiking Under ₹1500



1. Bacca Bucci Waterproof Snow Boots

2. Unistar Anti-Skid (

Best Choice)

3. Bacca Bucci Flame Orginal

1. Bacca Bucci Waterproof Snow Boots


  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 310 g
  • Colors: Blue, Brown, Grey, Tan
  • Comfortable: Yes.
  • Outsole: Anti-slip rubber type, provide great traction on wet or steep conditions and other terrains.
  • Upper Material: Made in high quality artificial fluff, Elastic wearable upper.
  • Efficiency: Suitable for various outdoor activities in cold winter, daily walking, hiking, travelling, camping, climb and trip outdoor sport.

Quick Review:

This shoe is a hiking category shoe made by the Bucca Bucci Company, designed for trekking outside as well as walking on ice. As the shoe is of medium ankle length, it will enhance your daily life style as well as give a warm feeling to the user in cold weather.

The outer sole of the shoe is made of rubber which makes the shoe flexible as well as enhances the waterproofing ability which gives your feet a dry environment throughout the day. It is also capable of giving a lot of traction as there are many grooved spots on the sole of the shoe. Which gives the shoe great grip on wet or steep surfaces.

Here is a pic of Bacca Bucci snow boots while testing it

The material on the top of the shoe is made of high quality synthetic which is a breathable material. The flexible material above is always ready to give you a comfortable movement. The pair of shoes weighs only 1 kg 310 grams, so the user does not get tired if he walks normally for a long time. Here is a YouTuber’s review on this shoes.


  • Light weight.
  • Value for money.
  • Comfortable.
  • Provides good grip.


  • Only the outsole is waterproof.

2. Unistar Anti-Skid


  • Clousure: Lace-up
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Colour: Black
  • Toe caps: Yes
  • Colors:
  • Item Weight: 800g, light in weight
  • Stylish: Yes, Stylish men boots
  • Comfortable: Yes, for extra comfort in-built with extra foam padding on the tongue and back.
  • Eyelets: Creating a customized fitting environment and enhanced upper comfort.

Quick Review:

This shoe can undoubtedly be selected for different activities in different seasons such as trial / daily blockade, sports, hiking, trekking. As well as getting such trekking shoes within the budget like a cherry on the top.

The boots are fitted with toe caps so that no injury occurs when a hard object collides with the toes. Which also keeps the footwear and your feet protected during strategic activities and in rough work situations.

Here is a pic of Unistar antiskid boots while using it

The shoe is light in weight (only 800g). The material on the top of the shoe is flexible, making it easy to wear and perform a variety of activities.For extra comfort, foam padding has been added to the neck and back of the shoe to provide co.mfort to the wearer for a long time. You can get a brief idea of Unistar aniskid shoes by watching this Youtuber’s video.


  • Budget Friendly.
  • Comfortable.
  • Value for money.
  • Light weight.
  • In-built toe caps.


  • Less color options.

3. Bacca Bucci Flame Orginal


  • Clouser: Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Colors: Tan
  • Upper Material: Made in high quality artificial fluff, Elastic wearable upper.
  • Item Weight: 1kg 280g
  • Outsole: Flexible rubber type, provides great grip on wet, slippery and steep surfaces.
  • Comfortable: Yes, The dense cushioning layer keeps the feet relaxed and active all day and night.
  • Efficiency: Suitable for various outdoor activities in cold winter, daily walking, snow activities, hiking, travelling, camping, climb and trip outdoor sport.

Quick Review:

If you live in a cool place and looking for low priced high heel boots that will work well for a variety of activities such as walking, hiking, adventure, etc., then this shoe may be the best for you.

These snow boots are made using high quality synthetic fluff which makes the upper material flexible to wear and walking.

Here is a pic of Bacca Bucci snow boots while testing it

This Seam-sealed boots are able to create a soft and warm interior, which keeps the feet comfortable in extremely cold temperatures. The dense cushion layer of high ankles keeps the feet comfortable and active for working all day and night.

The outsole of the shoe is made of rubber which improves the flexibility of the shoe, and makes the shoe waterproof from the outside. The sole of the shoe is made in such a way that it will give traction the user to move on any surface. You can watch this YouTuber’s review video of this Bacca Bucci waterproof shoes to understand it.


  • Comfortable.
  • Light weight.
  • Stylishness.
  • Great for outdoor activities.


  • Shoe laces are not long enough
  • Only the outsole is waterproof.

Personal Recommendation

I know this article can hurt you if you were looking for fully waterproof trekking shoes under ₹1500. But fact is fact right? (These shoes aren’t completely waterproof)

However, a secret is that if you are mainly interested in hiking shoes and you can adjust the waterproofing, I would recommend to go with the Unistar anti-skid hiking shoe. It is not only good hiking shoe but also much better than the other 2 shoes in terms of weatherproofing.

What Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Trekking Shoe?

Upper Materials:

The upper material of hiking shoes may not be the most exciting thing for you but it is a very important thing for your feet. It covers and protects your entire foot, and the condition of your foot on the trip also depends on the material on the shoe.

The durability, comfort, water resistance and breathability of a hiking shoe depend solely on the material of the shoe. Hiking shoes are often made of a combination of nylon, mesh and leather to stay intact in a variety of situations.

Read this article to know in detail what materials shoes are made of.

Mid Soles:

Midsole is an important part of hiking shoes. The job of an midsole is to cushion your feet, absorb shock from impact, and provide an extra layer of protection on rough ground to relieve foot fatigue.

The midsoles of the shoes are thin and rigid in shape. the midsoles of some hiking shoes are removable, as a result, the midsoles can be changed over time.

Most shoe midsoles use EVA, Tipia, or a combination of both. Foam EVA midsoles are perfect for running and hiking, these types of midsoles are extremely light and provide comfort to your ankles.

The full name of TPU is Thermal Plastic Unit. It is a plastic substance, this material behaves and feels like foam or rubber. Medisols made of thermal plastic are much more durable and can carry heavier loads than EVA medisols. In addition they are less compressed and can maintain their shape for a long time. In some shoes, TPU material is used in midsole as well as shoe outsole to be strong. For comfortabilility I’ll suggest you to choose Bacca Bucci Flame Original over other 2 shoes.


You may be looking for the best hiking shoes for you that will also be waterproof but have you ever wondered that do I really need waterproof in my shoes? Like all things, waterproof shoes have their pros and cons, which are discussed below.

In fact, water proofing is an excellent safety blanket for hiking on rainy days. Extra protection with waterproof and breathable membrane inside the shoe works great on your trekking trip in case of river crossing, rain or snow. Among these 3 hiking shoes, the Unistar anti-skid shoes is a great choice for weatherproofing.

But this extra layer adds more weight than normal shoes and significantly affects breathing which can be difficult during hot weather. Also the shoes are more expensive than normal hiking shoes.


Another hard truth about waterproof hiking shoes is that they can’t breathe well, they can’t hold air properly compared to other shoes.

Simply put, the extra layer of waterproof shoes reduces your ability to pull moisture out of your sweaty feet, the upper material of some non-waterproof shoes do the same thing.

Now a question arises here, which shoe would be suitable for breathing? shoes that are made of thin fabric and lots of mesh material increase the absorption of moisture and air flow from the feet. Which is perfect for hot weather. Also cotton socks are good for absorbing moisture from the feet.

Outsole and Traction:

The biggest reason behind the goodness of a hiking shoe is the sole and traction of the shoe, what you can do with a hiking shoes you can never do with a normal shoe.

The deep grips in the hiking shoes help you to jump and walk on any slippery, rocky and steep ground. Most outsoles are made of rubber materials so that they can be made in any shape.

The outsoles of a good hiking shoe are flexible and relieve foot fatigue by absorbing light shocks while hiking and running on rough ground. A hiking shoe is incomplete for trekking in the mountains without a good quality outsole.


Remember that if the weight of a hiking shoe is more than necessary, it can be the worst part of it because if you walk with a load on your feet, you will soon feel tired and it will be very difficult to cross the rest of the road.

So before choosing hiking shoes in particular, you must check its weight. The appropriate weight of a hiking shoe should be between 0.71 kg to 1 kg.


Q. How to turn normal hiking shoes into waterproof shoes?

Yes you can wear hiking shoes in water provided they should be waterproof. It would be a foolish work to wear non-waterproof shoes when hiking in damp environment of mountains. Even if you have water-resistant hiking shoes like these shoes, they will help you lot more than a normal hiking shoe.

Q. How to turn normal hiking shoes into waterproof shoes?

If you have a minimal budget for hiking shoes and you really want the waterproof feature to be in the shoe of your choice, that’s impossible, I explained “why” at the beginning of this article. But if you think outside the box, there are still 2 options left to waterproof your shoes.

1. Use Wax:
To make this process successful you’ll need a Candle and a Hairdryer.

All you have to do is,

STEP 1: First remove the laces from the shoes, STEP 2: Take a candle, rub it well around the shoes. After a while you will see pale wax stains on the shoes, STEP 3: Now take a hair dryer and start blowing on the shoes. Blow with a hair dryer on the shoe at maximum speed until the wax melts and blends with the shoe. Once the wax is mixed with the shoes, your work is done.

I’ve selected it from the 10 Best Shoe Hacks To Make Your Life Better.

2. Use a Shoe Cover : This SHOERELLA Waterproof Rain/Snow Over Shoe Cover can turn any normal shoes into waterproof shoes. Whether it is a normal size shoe or a long hiking shoe, this shoe cover is able to work with shoes of any size. As it is a shoe cover, all you have to do to use it is to wear shoes first. Then wear the shoe cover over the shoe and attach the strap to it. That’s it your normal hiking shoes will be waterproof. That means under you can get a pair of fully waterproof hiking shoes under ₹2000 in india.

Q. What is the disadvantage of waterproof hiking boots?

One of the biggest problems with hiking shoes is that they require a waterproof layer to make the shoe too heavy. Also, waterproof shoes means that air cannot pass through it.

Which means if your feet sweat, it won’t dry quickly and the waterproof layer won’t allow the moisture to escape from the shoe, which can make you feel uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line:

This is the complete in-depth post about ” Top 3 waterproof hiking shoes under ₹1500 in India“.

In this post I’ve shared reviews of 3 best waterproof hiking shoes in India. And also “What are the things you should consider before buying a hiking shoe” these types of factors you could know from here.

Honestly, a good waterproof shoe is a little more expensive. If you do a Google search you will find good quality waterproof shoes starting from 3000/4000.

let me know in the comments section which one you found best for your hiking journey and why you chose the product?

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