5 Best Shoe Slots Organizers (Reviews) For Wardrobe in India 2023

What are the 5 best Shoe Slots Organizers for wardrobe in India ?
Which is the best space saver shoe slot organizer in India?
What are best shoe holders making companies in India?

If you choose a Shoe Slots Organizers to organize your shoes, then naturally such questions may come to your mind.

If you are a lazy person (like me), it will not be easy for you to arrange the shoes scattered in your room or in the shoe cabin. Organizing shoes is not only a difficult task but also an art, which allows you to save incredible space in the shoe cabinet.

To help you out, we’ve made a list of the 5 best Shoe Slots Organizers here after hours of research and testing.

Believe me with these shoe holders you can save up to 50% space inside the shoe cabinet. You can put a few more pairs of shoes in that place, but scroll down for more details.

But wait, If you are in hurry.

Or don’t have enough time to read the full article and then figure out which one is the best then you can choose these 2 products without worrying. (You can find the reviews of these 2 products below)

List Of 5 Best Space Saver Shoe Slots Organizers In India

  1. NYALKARAN Double Deck Shoe Slots Organizer.
  2. Aditya Polymers Plastic Shoe Organizer.
  3. MechDel Adjustable Shoe Organizers.
  4. Royalkart Plastic Double Layer Shoe Organizer.
  5. Hojo Double Plastic Deck Shoe Holder.

NYALKARAN Double Dreck Shoe Slots Organizer

NYALKARAN Shoe Slots Organizer Space Saver Double Deck Shoe Rack Adjustable Shoe Slots for Closet Organization (Pack of 10), Plastic, multicolour

Key features

  • Style: Modern
  • Material: made of high-quality and durable plastic.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 25 x 9 x 5 Centimeters.
  • It has 4 levels for height adjustment.
  • Suitable for most children’s shoes, sports shoes, slippers, flat shoes, sandals, high heels and so on.

Quick review:

This shoe slot organizer comes in beautiful light colors. The whole body is made of high quality plastic, hence the shoe organizer is very light. At 25 centimeters in length, 9 centimeters in width and 5 centimeters in height, this shoe holder can save up to 50% of your storage space for storing shoes. Since you are getting these shoes in 10 sets, you can put 10 pairs of shoes together in a shoe cabin or shoe rack.

When testing this hoe organizer slot at a high level we noticed that shoes do not slip off the top flap because it has too many small bumps. These bumps help to hold any type of shoe in the same position.

There are 4 types of adjustment levels in the shoe holder. At the front of the shoe organizer slot has a mechanism for setting the level of adjustment. With it, you can easily place shoes of any size, from small to large, on top of each other.


  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable
  • Comes with multiple set options.


  • The width of this shoe holder could be better.
  • Dosen’t suitable for heavy shoes.

Aditya Polymers Plastic Shoe Organizer

Aditya Polymers 12 Piece Plastic Shoe Organizer, White

Key features

  • Features:
  • Style: Sleek Matt Finish Design
  • Material: made with high grade virgin plastic.
  • Furniture Finish: White Matt Finish
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 27 x 10 x 10 Centimeters
  • Perfect for sneakers, stilettos, sandals or flip flops.

Quick review:

You will find this Shoe Organizer Slot in a variety of sets and color options. The shoe organizer is as light as it is durable. It is made of high quality plastic. It does not bend easily when light pressure is applied with the hands or if heavy shoes are placed on it.

With a length of 27 cm, a width of 10 cm and a height of 10 cm, you can easily use this shoe organizer slot with one hand and keep your shoes neatly arranged one by one inside the shoe cabin.

The body design of the shoe is very neat and clean. One feature you may not notice in this shoe is the adjustability. Since it already has an adjustment level set in it, you can only fit one pair of shoes which should be between 18 cm or 7 inches in height.

Inspite of no adjustment level you can easily use it to arrange shoes like slippers, loafer, dress shoes, sports shoes etc neatly.


  • light weight, washable and durable
  • Available in multiple set options
  • Provides great holding capacity


  • It is not adjustable, so it is not suitable for high heeled shoes.

MechDel Adjustable Shoe Organizers

MechDel Adjustable Shoe Organizers, Adjustable Shoe Slots Organizer, Portable Shoe Rack, Space Saver Rack Holder-6SET (Grey And White)

Key features

  • Style: Modern
  • Material: made of high quality and non-slip ABS plastic.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 32.4 x 25.4 x 12.4 Centimeters
  • It has 4 levels for height adjustment.
  • Suitable for most children’s shoes, sports shoes, slippers, flat shoes, sandals, high heels.

Quick Review:

This Shoe Organizer Slot is made with high quality features and smart color design on the body. It feels a bit heavy. This shoe holder 32.4 cm in length, 25 4 cm in weight and 12.4 cm in hight will give freaking space to put dress shoes, loafers, sports shoes.

I’ll not suggest you to put heavy shoe on this. However you will not be disappointed in using it as the shoe holder made of high quality ABS plastic proves that it is capable of holding shoes for long. It does not bend easily and does not break.

Its design is said to be of the highest quality because you will get no slip grip on the upper flap of the shoe organizer slot to hold the shoe at the same place. There are several gaps in the bottom flap of the shoe holder to make the shoe breathable when arranged.

There is an innovative design to put one shoe on top of the other. It also has the advantage of being adjustable in size. Since it can be set to four levels for adjustment, you can fit thousands of high heel shoes in it.


  • Easy to use.
  • Offers plenty of storage capacity.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Available in multiple colors options.


  • Doesn’t made for heavy shoes.

Royalkart Plastic Double Layer Shoe Organizer

Royalkart Multicolor Plastic Double Layer Shoe Organizer Storage Stand Shelf Closet Organizer Space Saver (Pack of 6)

Key features

  • Colour: Multicolored
  • Style: Double Shoe Storage Capacity
  • Material: Plastic
  • Furniture Finish: Matte Finish
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 20.6 x 26 x 13 Centimeters
  • Compatible with sneakers, boots and most women’s shoe varieties,

Quick review:

These shoes look a lot like a tray. You can put shoes of any size in it and arrange them neatly inside the shoe cabinet. You can put shoes in it and take them out without any effort. Although 26 cm in length, 20.6 cm in width and 13 cm in height, the shoe will not save much space in the wardrobe compared to the rest of the shoes.

It has advantages and disadvantages due to inconsistencies. The advantage of this is that you can put shoes of any weight from light to heavy on it. And the inability to adjust height makes it difficult to fit long shoes underneath.

This shoe organizer is available in 6 or 8 sets and you will also get it in different colors. The high quality plastic body design of this shoe holder makes it extremely durable, and sturdy shoe stand.

When testing, we noticed that the large width of the shoe holder helps to balance any tall shoe. As we can see this shoe slots cannot be adjusted so it can be a suitable for those who have difficulty in using adjustable shoe holder.


  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and washable.
  • Allow you to have shoes of any weights


  • You can’t put big shoes to the underneath of this shoe stand.

Hojo Double Plastic Deck Shoe Holder

Hojo Shoe Holder Plastic Double Deck Space Saving Rack Stand for Closet Organization Folding Slots Adjustable Organizer for Sandals Slipper Heels Flip Flops (12, Black)

Key features

  • Style: Modern
  • Material: made from high quality ABS plastic 
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 18 x 8 x 10 Centimeters
  • Packed with 4 levels for height adjustment.
  • Can be used for most children’s shoes, sports shoes, slippers, flat shoes, sandals, high heels

Quick review:

This shoe holder has many similarities in function, size and shape with the No. 1 shoe holder. So I’m not going to say too much about this here. My only purpose in listing it here is to get good quality and high quantity products at low prices.

You will find 6 different sets of these shoe slots. Where the rest of the shoe organizer slots are a bit expensive to get in twelve sets, you will find this shoe holder in twelve sets at a lower price.

The shoe holder is also available in three different colors. At 18 centimeters in length, 8 centimeters in width and 10 centimeters in height, the shoe stand is very easy to use and participates in very little space inside the shoe cabin.

Made of high quality and environmentally friendly PP plastic material, this shoe holder has three levels of height adjustment (from 3.7 inches to 7.1 inches), for which shoes of different sizes can be placed on this shoe.


  • Comes with tons of colors and sets options.
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable


  • The length of this shoe holder may be unsuitable for large shoes.

Personal Recommendation

Above we briefly discussed the appearance and features of “5 Best Shoe Slots Organizers For Wardrobe” to save more space.

Each of the shoe organizer slots on this list have different features and they also come in different color and set options. It is worth mentioning here that these 5 shoe organizer slots are now ranking well in Internet. There can be no better shoe holder to arrange your shoes neatly in the shoe cabin. Shoeslo.in always recommends trustworthy products to the viewers.

We think that depending on the features of these products, our visitors will be able to choose the right product according to their budget, needs and preferences without any hassle.

But somehow if a visitor finds it difficult to select a product even after reading the features, we would like to advise him to go with our recommended product. And our top pick will be MechDel Adjustable Shoe Organizers and Royalkart Plastic Double Layer Shoe Organizer.

More details about shoe slots organizers

Best Shoe Slots Organizers making brands in India

As we know, buying value for money and reliable products from the online market is quite difficult. If you want to buy a product of a good brand, you have to check a lot of reviews. this is what makes me, to create a list of Best space saver shoe slot organizer’s brands names for you, so that you can easily choose the best brand’s shoe slot organizer to create a neat and clean environment.

  • Aditya Polymers
  • MechDel
  • Hojo
  • Royalkart

Note: The names of all the brands in this list are not based on reviews, the ranking position of the brands are based only on the numbers of items sold on online shopping platforms. So in the future there is a possibility of changing their position or adding a new brand name. Shoeslo.in always tries to give you true and healthy information.

The Bottom Line

This is the complete in-depth post about “5 Best Space Saver Shoe Slots Organizers For Wardrobe In India“.

All of the products in the list are most selling on Online Shopping Platform till now. Many people benefited by choosing these shoe organizing slots. With these slots you can save storage upto 50% of the shoe cabinet.

Please don’t take this top 5 list lightly, we added the each shoe organizer slot to the top 5 list after checking many reviews and considering their features.

If you don’t want to read the full article or don’t have enough time to figure out which shoe organizer slot will be the best for you then you can go with the MechDel Adjustable Shoe Organizers or Royalkart Plastic Double Layer Shoe Organizer. Me and my team can assure you that this shoe organizer slot won’t make you regret in terms of space, time saving and cleanliness.

Note: This is just a free suggestion from us. The final decision will be yours.

Let me know in the comments section which one you found best for your shoes and why you chose the product?

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