We Found India’s 10 Best Indoor Winter Slippers in 2023

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In winter, like everything else, the floor of our house gets cold and we have to walk on the cold floor on foot. In some cases, even fluffy socks do not protect our feet from the cold floor or any sharp object.

In winter, selecting a best winter slipper is a mindboggling task when hundreds of options are available there. To help you out we thought to make a list of best warm slippers for winter.

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  • What are the top winter slippers for indoor in India?
  • Which is the best company for indoor winter slippers?
  • What are the benefits to have a warm slipper in cold?
  • Should I need a warm slipper for home use?
  • What are the features of a warm slipper?

From here you will find the best hot slippers among these types of slippers present on online shopping apps. And these slippers can be worn by men as well as women.

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List Of Best Warm Slippers (men + women) For Winter In India.

A warm slipper is much thicker than ordinary slippers and is made of cotton fabric material. They keep you warm as well as make you feel like standing on a cloud. Like winter sweaters, best warm slippers and best warm shoes are a must that can warm your feet quickly.


1. Vritraz Women Indoor Slipper

Key features

  • Breathable cotton knit upper
  • Anti-shock EVA layer for reduced impact
  • High quality non-skid rubber out sole.
  • High-density memory foam insole.
  • Available in many designs

In just one year, this slipper has taken place in the minds of women. This slipper comes packed with different designs. Very neat and clean design, they can be easily inserted and taken out. Made from cotton knit fabric and faux fur fabric material, these slippers will keep you warm in winter and make you feel very relaxed.

If you are pregnant or a senior, you can definitely choose this slipper. The non-skid rubber sole of the slipper gives you full confidence to walk confidently on the tiled floor. If your priority is comfort then there is no better slipper than this. The sole is made of soak absorbing EVA layer with high density memory foam insole and a 1/2 inch heel cushion.


  • Keeps the feet warm for a long time in extreme cold.
  • High quality faux fur material is used.
  • The sole made with 3 kinds of layer for better cushioning.
  • Washable


  • Rough use can lead to separation between sole and upper.

2. Dekkin Women’s Puppy Design Slipper

Key features

  • Item weight: 279 Grams
  • Water Resistant
  • The sole made with Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Cute puppy design slipper
  • Available in multiple designs and sizes
  • Heel Height: 0.5 inch

Isn’t it cute? I have chosen this slipper of the band especially for girls. This slipper set have achieved full marks in everything from materials to comfort. The Fur fleece Puppy design of these slippers compelled me to add to this list. If you have a girlfriend or wife, you can make them happy again with these gifts.

The entire body of the slipper made with a thick lining of soft plus fleece. When you insert your foot inside the slipper it will make you realize that how cushioning it is! and gives comfort to the foot all around. Its outsole made of Polyvinyl Chloride which is very thick and durable. This pair of slippers can lead you comfortably in rough and fertile lands.


  • Perfect comfy sliipers to wear it whole day as its whole body made with soft and thick cotton fabric.
  • The puppy design on the top enhances its beauty.
  • Comes with multiple cute designs and colors.
  • It can be washed by soaking in soap water.


  • Some people have experienced the problem of erosion of rubber sole while using these slippers.

3. Irose Women’s Warm Slippers

Key features

  • Item weight: 280 Grams
  • Long lasting rubber sole
  • High density plush fleece lining
  • Comes with various designs and sizes

The slippers of this brand come with various unique designs for girls. And they can create a very beautiful memory in your mind during winter. If you are looking for some new for your feet, you will find a variety of beautiful design options.

The cute puppy design of the slippers will always put a smile on your face. High density plush fleece insoles are used to provide care and comfort. The rubber sole of the slipper is of high quality and does not bend or damaged easily. This pair of slippers allow you to use it indoors as well as outdoors.


  • Very comfy slippers with the faux fur lining that is skin friendly.
  • Comes with a lot of different designs options.


  • Using it in a rough way can create a separation between the sole and the upper

4. Dekkin Women’s Open Soft Fur Winter Slipper

Key features

  • High quality soft fur lining design
  • Cute puppy design on the top
  • Heel height: 0.5 inch
  • Strong and durable rubber sole

If you are bored of enjoying the winter season after the cover slip-on type slipper or you want to use a new type of slipper instead of the cover slip-on type slipper in winter, then Lip brand crow slipper may be a good option for you.

This slipper is more like a flip-flop type slipper. Your toes will be exposed on the front, but its soft fur half upper design will give you great comfort. The slipper looks simple but stylish. The puppy design on the top enhances its beauty 2 times more.


  • Best flip flop type winter slippers for indoor use.
  • Its very soft and light as well.


  • Open toe area.

5. DRUNKEN Women’s Flip Flops

Key features

  • Extremely stylish soft and warm.
  • Have the sweat absorbing ability.
  • Neat and clean upper design
  • Durable rubber sole

If you like simple and classic life, this slipper will make your winter more memorable. After many hours of work, rest your tired feet inside these soft and cozy slippers. Its thick & breathable upper is very helpful for providing endless comfort to the feet.

Soles made of high quality rubber have been used in these shoes for long lasting. It can easily create a grip on the tiles floor. The best feature in this slipper which i liked the most is that its top layer is water resistant, so it is very easy to keep clean.


  • This slippers have a waterproof and durable upper material.
  • Doesn’t need warm woollen socks with these slippers to warm feet.
  • Soff and comfortable.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • The outsole could have been a little thicker.
  • Few colour options.
  • Slightly expensive.


6. VRITRAZ Unisex-Adult’s Indoor Slipper

Key features

  • Item Weight: 360 g
  • Premium next-to-skin fleece lining
  • Include sock absorbing EVA layer
  • Faux Fur fabric used in the slippers
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in different sizes and designs

These slippers are made for those who want to give the best comfort experience to themselves. These slippers will make you feel very relaxed when you come home after working hard all day. This slipper is made by high density memory layer and EVA shock absorption layer.

There is also a 1/2 inch heel cushion for extra comfort at the ankles. If you prefer style as well as comfort, you will not be disappointed in choosing it. In these shoes you will find many unique designs. Faux fur fabric and cotton knit fabric material are used to make the slipper which is suitable for your skin. Also with its nonstick rubber sole you can use this slipper indoors as well as outdoors.


  • The cotton fabric material is always ready to keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • An anti-shock EVA layer has been used to reduce the effects of pressure.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable material.
  • Made with a enhanced outsole.


  • There is a lack of color and new design options.
  • Not suitable for rough use.

7. Vritraz Men Indoor Slipper

Key features

  • The Insole Is Constructed From Flexible Shoe Pad And Soft Sponge
  • Available In Multiple Sizes,
  • The Soft Plush Fleece Collar And Lining
  • 360 degree foam layer
  • Inbuilt 1/2 inch heel cushion 1/4 inch EVA layer.
  • Cotton knit fabric gives you with soft touch feeling.

Slippers from this brand can be a good option to keep your feet warm during severe cold. This slippers pairs are soft and wide and also come in 3 different sizes. Put your feet in it easily with its slip-on design and get another new aspect of comfort.

The biggest reason for its comfort is the soft plus fleece lining inside the slipper which covers your feet nicely all the time. These luxury slippers are made for men of different ages. The top layer of red lining with white collar is a great color combination that will make you feel king.


  • Made with extremely good quality of soft faux fur material for a warm environment in the slippers.
  • Many features are present in the sole and are suitable for walking on any surface.
  • Included different designs and colors options in this slippers.


  • The white collar of faux fur material can get dirty very quickly.

8. Vritraz Men Indoor Slipper

Key features

  • Item weight: 310 g
  • Strong and non skid rubber sole
  • Memory foam material for optimal comfort
  • Anti-shock EVA layer for reduced impact
  • Breathable waffle knit upper

This slipper is another good option to keep feet warm in winter. This slipper is well known for its softness and comfort. There are many design and size options in these winter slippers. You’ll find everything you need in a slipper to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

The soft cotton part inside the shoe is enough to make your tired feet feel relaxed. With the help of slip on design, you can easily insert your feet and warm up quickly. If you are looking for a slipper that you want to use indoors as well as outdoors then this slipper may be for you as its outsole is nonskid in nature and has many advantages.


  • A versatile product for indoor outdoor use.
  • Anti-skid traction is very effective in preventing slips and falls.
  • Provide Mattresses type feeling.
  • It provides a mattress-like feel.


  • Many people have experienced size problems.

9. IROSE Men’s Winter Fur Slipper

Key features

  • Product weight: 280 Grams
  • Stylish and Trendy, Premium Quality
  • Washable
  • These slippers are made up of high quality of fur.
  • The sole made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

This is another best winter slipper made by Eros brand. You can rely on it to keep your feet warm and for continuous comfort. No matter how low the temperature outside, this slipper will never let you feel cold.

The soft fur fleece lining design on the inside of the slipper gives you a soft and cozy feeling while walking. The faux leather part on the top gives it a unique design compared to the rest, which is really very attractive. The high-density sole of the shoe will never make you feel uncomfortable walking in and out of the house.


  • The upper part of this slipper can cover much more part of our feet.
  • The upper material is water resistant. Very easy to clean it.


  • As seen in the reviews, one product of this brand is distributed instead of another.

10. Docoss Men & Women Warm Slippers

Key features

  • Simple and classic design
  • Slip-On slipper
  • Cuzzy plush fabric makes the feet warm, soft and relaxing.
  • Waterproof and anti-slip TPR soles absorbs noise while walking on the floor
  • High density memory foam insole with shock-absorption EVA layer

Improve your classic and simple style by using these slippers. Easily put on and take off the covered slip-on type slippers. This shoe is made for both men and women. Its soft fur fleece material is very effective in protecting it from freezing cold during winter and giving it a comfortable environment.

These slippers are very soft, light and cushioning. The plastic part of the top of it gives a new look to the slipper. Also the rubber sole is very durable which gives you full support to walk on any ground. The extra thick heel cushion of the back provides extra comfort to the ankle.


  • Very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Available in 6 colors options.


  • Stitching quality isn’t that great.

What Is Winter Slipper?

Winter slippers are a type of footwear used indoors to keep feet warm in cold weather. In addition to winter slippers, these are also known as warm slippery slippers or warm indoor slippers.

These slippers look like a half shoe. Their tip is covered with soft and cushioning material. And the backs are completely empty so you can easily get your feet in and out of them. Slippers are made by lining one or more soft materials and attached by a rubber outsole.

The combination result of these layers makes you feel relaxed while walking. The out sole of the winter slipper plays an important role in creating grip on the tiles floor. They are usually made of rubber, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Polyvinyl Chloride etc.

Winter slippers are made of a type of textile called Plush which is very light and soft so the winter slipper is very light in weight. Also the material gives a lot of comfort from the surroundings while walking and can create a warm environment. This material is also used in making winter shoes for kids, blankets etc.

The back sides of winter slippers remain the same but are sold in the market by changing the size and design of the front part. Men, women and the elderly can all use these slippers to keep their feet warm.

Benefits Of Using A Indoor Winter Slipper

You might be thinking what the real purpose of using a warm slipper is. To allay your doubts, here are some points about the winter slipper from which you can understand why we should use warm shoes or warm slippers in winter for kids, your or your loved ones.

  • It keeps your feet warm in extreme cold.
  • Protects your feet from the cold while walking on the cold floor.
  • Cover your feet with very soft material.
  • The soft foot pad gives great comfort when walking indoors.
  • Protects feet from any sharp objects while walking.
  • Makes you feel like standing on a cloud.
  • This can be a great product to gift someone.

In winter you will notice that when your feet are cold it takes a long time to warm up until you are heating them in front of a heater or bonfire. There are people who do nothing to keep their feet warm on cold days and get colds or coughs very quickly.

How Did We Choose The Best Warm Slippers in India?

Hopefully, after reading the features of winter slippers, you will understand that a warm slipper never works like a normal slipper. These types of slippers have a lot of features so choosing the right winter slippers can be based on various considerations, all of which we will gradually learn here.

BRAND – Honestly, I have never relied on a brand to choose this type of product, because the brands of such products do not show how reliable they are and how long these brands have been providing such services. I believe more in product quality and ratings than brand names.

The brand name of the product is not enough to buy a good warm slipper. in this article, my team researched and mentioned the names of some of the brands of winter slippers which have gained a reputation for making beautiful designs and high-quality warm slippers. However, I would like to say that before buying any product of the brands mentioned here, you must check its reviews.

PRICE – There is a big difference in price between winter slippers. Slippers made from an established old band are usually more expensive and slippers made by a new company or general company are usually cheaper. This does not mean that sky-high price shoes can only provide comfort and warmth. However, don’t worry, the price of a high-quality warm slipper is not so high that you can’t afford it.

REVIEWS – When it comes to choosing winter warm slippers, our product selection team selects dozens of products of different designs and sizes. This leaves us with many product options. Then we select the best products through some of our basic methods and experiences. But the work is not over here. We think that outside information is the most important thing about any product. So we love to read numerous customer reviews before choosing a product because they help us to point out any important points that we sometimes miss.

Features To Look For In Indoor Winter Slippers

There are other important things besides looks, design and color that need to be checked before buying a hot shoe. Because winter shoes are not made with the material used in a normal shoe, so if you are thinking of choosing a warm shoe from here or any other place, then you must keep an eye on these features. You must know this guide.

MATERIALS – Warm slippers are made for the comfort of the feet. Generally, You want a comfortable life at home when you are exhausted. So you need to thoroughly examine all aspects of the winter slipper material. Materials used to soften and cushion a warm slipper are plush fleece, leather or suede. They can keep your feet very comfortable in winter. In addition to the comfort, it is important to keep in mind that whether the material will provide enough warmth to your feet. Because especially in winter, who would like to use these shoes.

SOLES -According to me and my team, this point is an important consideration for winter slippers. The real importance of slipper sole is understood while walking. The sole of the slipper protects you from slipping and also the midsole helps to relax the feet. If the sole of your slipper is thick, when using the slipper, it will keep the foot a little above the fertile ground of the floor and will not let them feel. Slipper soles are usually made of rubber material, which also has a variety of features.

COMFORT – You wear warm shoes/slippers because you want your feet to be as comfortable as the rest of your body. As we have said before, these winter slippers are also called comfortable slippers. Warm slippers should be flexible, non-slip, warm and cushioning for walking on the cold floor of a winter house. They can also be easily inserted and slip-off. If in any case, you feel uncomfortable using your winter slippers or the sole of the slipper is so thin that you can feel the fertile layer of the floor, get rid of them immediately and look for better warm slippers.

FIT – There is no doubt that everyone always wants the right slipper fitting. Either the slipper will fit your feet or it will be a little bigger than your feet, using this type of shoe makes walking comfortable indeed and you also enjoy using the slipper. Slipper sizes that are too small or too large for your feet will create problems for you. So before choosing any shoe, you must take the time to adjust the size.

About 30% of people have to deal with this fitting problem when buying shoes online instead of offline. So if you want to buy a winter slipper from Online Shopping Platforms, you must select the right size. Just as it is my responsibility to show you the best warm slippers on Online Sopping Flatforms, it is your responsibility too to choose the right size shoe.

Best Winter Slipper Brands Names In India

As we know, buying value for money and reliable products from the online market is quite difficult. If you want to buy a product of a good brand, you have to check a lot of reviews. this is what makes me, to create a list of best Indoor Winter Slipper brands names for you, so that you can easily choose the best brand’s warm slipper for your winter memories.


The names of all the brands in this list are not based on reviews, the ranking position of the brands are based only on the numbers of items sold on online shopping platforms. So in the future there is a possibility of changing their position or adding a new brand name. Shoeslo.in always tries to give you true and healthy information.


What are the best slippers to keep feet warm?

You can find winter slippers of different sizes, designs and materials in the online market but the problem is which one of them will be suitable for you. I don’t know which winter slipper you will like but here I have made a list of the 10 best selling winter slippers in Online Shopping Platforms. As well as they have received the most positive reviews than others. If you don’t believe it, you can check by yourself and remove the doubts in your mind.

In a good warm slipper the material and sole must be of high quality and also it must be comfortable and fit along with the foot. If you are interested in what should be in the best winter slipper, then I have opened my full knowledge about this here, you can easily find out by reading them.

The Bottom Line

This is the complete in-depth post about “10 Best Indoor Winter Slippers (Men+Women) in India 2023”.

All of the products in the list are most selling fluffy warm slippers on Online Shopping Platforms till now. Many people have benefited from these winter slippers. After considering so many reviews and their features we have listed the best indoor soft warm slippers online in India in the top 10 list.

Except for a few places, most parts of India are not cold all year round and if you belong to that area you will not be able to use a warm slipper the whole year so (in my opinion) if you buy a high-quality warm shoe at once you can spend many winters with it.,

If you are looking for footwear that will cover your feet all around and keep them warm with the best warmth on cold nights then you can choose soft warm shoes for your feet.

Let me know in the comments section which one you found best for your shoes and why you chose the product.

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