7 Best Adjustable Shoe Trees (Plastic + Wooden) Online in India 2022

Shoes are an important part of our fashion. It enhances our outfit many times, in addition if there is a pair of shiny shoes then it’s like cherry on cake. But what if your shoes have got creases on it and you are attending all the ceremonies wearing those old-looking shoes.

We do not want any damage to be done to our favorite leather shoes or expensive dress shoes. But in this busy world, our shoes have to endure this cruel oppression.

We should do something extra for the design and longevity of our shoes. Luckily i found a device that could save shoes from this problem, and that is Shoe Tree.

Shoeslo.in viewers be like: What? A tree of shoe? Kya main pagal dikhta hoon! I’m going.

Me: Aare bhai! Don’t go. It’s name really “shoe tree”. It’s like “Chhupa Rustam”.

I know you are shocked by hears the name for the first time. But in words, what is in the name, look at its work. I don’t know why it’s called “shoe tree”. But it is sure that there is no better device than a shoe tree to maintain your shoes in actual shape forever. There are also many more features of the shoe tree that can really surprised you. Below are some more selected facts about the shoe tree.

For now, here I am talking about only 7 Best Adjustable Shoe Trees (Plastic+Wooden) Online in India. These are ideal for shoes of different sizes and materials. Most people have benefited from these shoe trees and gave the best ratings on Amazon.

Let’s see without wasting time, which are the best shoe trees.

List Of Best Adjustable Shoe Trees (Plastic+Wooden) Online in India

#Plastic Shoe Trees

1. SHOESHINE Men’s Black Plastic Shoe Trees

SHOESHINE INDIA Men's Black Plastic Shoe Trees Shaper - Pack of 3

Key features

  • Color: Black, Quantity: 3 Pair, Material: Plastic
  • Keep Your Expensive Shoes in Perfect Shape with these Shoe Trees
  • Light weight good for travel
  • Easy to use and adjustable to fit most sizes and style.
  • Package Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 5 cm; 580 Grams

2. Lify Adjustable Shoe Trees

Lify Shoe Trees for Men Adjustable Plastic Shoe Trees Shaper/Shoe Stretcher/Boot Holder

Key features

  • Color: Black | Quantity: 2 Pair | Material: Plastic
  • Length: 9.45″-12.40″ / 24cm -31.496 cm (Adjustable),fit for men’s shoes size from 6-11.5
  • Use to keep the shape of shoes nice and straight, great for shoes storage at home and traveling, take up less space
  • Feather weight,Perfect for travel.perfect for your closed-toe heels, as well as boots & tennis shoes,moccasins ,sneakers ect

3. MosQuick Adjustable Shoe Shaper

MosQuick 2 Pairs, Shoe Stretcher, Adjustable shoe shaper

Key features

  • Easy to use , easily adjustable ,fit for men’s shoes size from 6-11.5
  • Use to keep the shape of shoes nice and straight,great for shoes storage at home and traveling,take up less space. keeps the shoes wrinkle free
  • Feather weight,Perfect for travel.perfect for your closed-toe heels, as well as boots & tennis shoes,moccasins ,sneakers .etc
  • Colour : Black , Material : plastic and SS
  • Size :Length: 9.45″-12.40″ / 24cm -31.496 cm (Adjustable)

4. Ezey Plastic Shoe Trees

Ezey Shoe Tree Plastic (Set of 3 Pair)

Key features

  • Set of 3 Pair
  • Material – Plastic
  • Colour – Black
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 6 x 4 cm; 450 Grams

#Wooen Shoe Trees

5. Lify Wooden Shoe Tree

Lify wooden Shoe Tree for Men Wood Wooden Shoe Shaper Fresh Adjustable Twin Tube 1 Pair

Key Features

  • Sole: Leather
  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Size: Small ( Indian(7-8) Euro (41-42) ) | Quantity:- 1 Pair | Material: Wood | Color: Wooden

6. Lify Professional Men Adjustable Shoe Tree

Lify Professional Men Adjustable Shoe Tree

Key features

  • Shoe Width: Medium
  • Size: Small (Indian:-7-8, Euro:-41-42) | Quantity:- 1 Pair | Material: Wood | Color: Wooden.
  • The shoes trees adopt spring column design, that can be bent at will, and any size of shoes can be placed to protect the shoes.
  • The shoes trees are not divided between men and women, only according to the size, but the female high heel cannot be used, because the arc is not enough.

7. ELECTOMANIA Cedar Shoe Tree

ELECTOMANIA  1 Pair Shoe Stretcher Cedar Shoe Tree Keeper Unisex Wood Moistureproof Anti-Deformation Shoes Shaper Adjustable Wooden Anti-Wrinkle for for Men

Key features

  • Cedar wood gives off its pleasant scent in your shoes.Fully contoured heel to comfortably fill the shoe for a snug fit
  • The stretchers can also be used to maintain the shape of your shoes to avoid them creasing.Unvarnished means the wood can help moisture dissipate from the leather
  • Helps with Blisters, Bunions, Calluses, Corns, Overlapping Toes, Toe Pain, Pinched Toes, and Feel Relief from the Painful Pressure of Tight Shoes.
  • Suit for: Can be used for sandals,causal shoes,fashion sneakers,flats,pumps,peep toes,pointed toe,wedges,leather shoes etc.

Personal Recommendation

Above we briefly discussed the appearance and features of the 7 Best Adjustable Shoe Trees (Plastic+Wooden) Online in India

Each shoe shaper in this list has different features including made with different types materials. Here you can find different kinds of shoe trees that will help your shoes to keep in same shape as it was new. Shoeslo.in always recommends trustworthy products to the viewers.

We think that depending on the features of these products, our visitors will be able to choose the right product according to their budget, needs and preferences without any hassle.

But somehow if a visitor finds it difficult to select a product even after reading the features, we would like to advise him to go with our recommended product. And our top pick will be,

Our Top Picks

SHOESHINE Men’s Black Plastic Shoe Trees

SHOESHINE INDIA Men's Black Plastic Shoe Trees Shaper - Pack of 3

Best Value

Lify Adjustable Shoe Trees

Lify Shoe Trees for Men Adjustable Plastic Shoe Trees Shaper/Shoe Stretcher/Boot Holder

Best Choice

Lify Wooden Shoe Tree

Lify wooden Shoe Tree for Men Wood Wooden Shoe Shaper Fresh Adjustable Twin Tube 1 Pair

Premium Pick

List Of Best Shoe Shaper Brands in India

As we know, buying value for money and reliable products from the online market is quite difficult. If you want to buy a product of a good brand, you have to check a lot of reviews. this is what makes me, to create a list of 3 best adjustable shoe tree brands names for you, so that you can easily choose the best brand’s shoe shaper for your dress shoes, sneakers, boots, leather shoes etc.. Hopefully this will help you for product selection.

  • ShoeShine
  • Lify
  • MosQuick

The names of all the brands in this list are not based on reviews, the ranking position of the brands are based only on the numbers of items sold on online shopping platforms. So in the future there is a possibility of changing their position or adding a new brand name. Shoeslo.in always tries to give you true and healthy information.

What Is Shoe Tree?

The shoe tree is a device that helps to keep the actual shape of the shoe forever. When we take off our shoes we put the shoe tree inside the shoe, the shoe tree holds its previous shape (while wearing shoes).

Shoe plants also play an important role in preventing creases, stretching shoes and increasing shoe life. Some shoe plants are adjustable so can be used in shoes of any size. Based on the shoe material, the shoe trees are divided into 2 parts such as plastic shoe tree and wooden shoe tree.

Plastic shoes are cheap and durable at a reasonable price, i must say that this shoe trees are best for beginners. You will find a variety of designs and color options on the plastic shoe tree.

Wooden shoe trees are far ahead of plastic show plants in terms of price as well as quality. Also high quality wood can be a reason for the higher price of wooden shoes.

It not only keeps the shape of your shoes but also absorbs the sweat and helps to eliminate odors from the shoes. A wooden shoe tree (Cedar Shoe Tree) has a natural scent that keeps the user’s shoes fresh at all times. There are also variety of design options on a wooden shoe tree.

What Are The Types Of Shoe Trees?

1. Lock System Shoe Tree

This shoe tree works on a lock system, so it is called a lock system shoe tree. Such shoe trees are made of plastic, very light in weight, adjustable. They can also be taken anywhere. These shoe trees have a toe part and a handle. They are connected by two steel rods which are located below them.

There are several holes in the handle of this shoe tree. The shoe tree is used in the shoe by hanging the two rods between these holes. You can use this shoe tree in shoes like sneakers, boots, hiking shoes, canvas shoes etc. Since such shoe trees are made of plastic so they are very cheap in price and anyone can afford it.

2. Spring Shoe Trees

This type of shoe tree is used with the help of attached spring mechanism. They can be made of both plastic and wood, they are very light in weight and very flexible. This type of shoe tree has a major front part, a long spring and ends with a small ball of the same material. This shoe tree can be used in shoes of different sizes with the flexible spring.

You can use it for everyday shoes or cheap shoes. Such shoe trees are available in the market at very cheap prices.

3. Non lasted shoe trees

These non-lasted shoe trees have a variety of designs. These types of shoe trees are usually made of wood. Below are some examples of non-lasted shoe trees.

Spit Shoe Trees

Some shoe trees can’t penetrate fully into the shoe and apply pressure, split shoe trees have been created to fill this gap.

3.1 The toe part of these shoe trees are divided into two equal parts, and joined by a narrow heel. This shoe plant works in the manner of a spring mechanism. It can be inserted into the shoe by applying light pressure. One of the biggest problems with this type of shoe tree is that its narrow handls does not support the heel of the shoe properly.

3.2. Shoe tree where the toes are divided into two equal parts and joined by a large heel. These two parts are joined by a steel. There is a small spring in front of the steel road with which the size of the whole shoe tree can be adjusted.

One of the advantages of this shoe is that the large and round heel part of the shoe tree supports the back of the shoe very well. And one disadvantage is that such a tree cannot reach to the end of the upper part of a shoe to support fully.

3.3. These shoe trees are made of wood. The toe part of this type of shoe tree is divided into two parts, a large solid part and a small part which is connected by two small steel rods.
With the help of spring mechanism it can be adjusted and inserted into shoes of different sizes.

These shoe trees fit perfectly into the shoe and apply even pressure around it so your shoe stays in the right shape. But if you insert this shoe tree into an inappropriately sized shoe, the small part of it will be unable to provide proper support inside the shoe.

4. Full toe shoe trees

The toe part of these shoe plants is divided into two parts, a complete toe part and a heel part. With the help of a rod attached by the spring mechanism feature, this shoe works in two parts of the plant. They are very easy to use, these shoe plants are almost shoe shaped. This shoe tree enters the shoe and applies pressure evenly around it.

The price of these shoe plants is a little higher. This type of shoe plant is usually sold between 1500 and 2000. If you have leather shoes or dress shoes, you must use these shoe trees to extend your shoes lifespan.

5. Lasted Shoe Trees

Lasted shoes look exactly like a shoe. They are made entirely of wood and beautiful to look at. The only problem with such shoe trees is that they cannot be adjusted so these shoe trees have to be used in shoes of the same size. These shoe trees work better than other shoe trees. These are perfect for a variety of leather shoes and dress shoes.

6. Hinged Shoe Trees

Hinged shoe tree. These shoe plants are divided into two parts, toe part and heel part. A hinge is used here instead of a common spring and rod to connect these two parts. These shoes are shaped like a complete shoe. It cannot be adjusted due to absence of spring mechanism so this shoe tree can be used in a shoe of the same size.

If a hinged shoe tree fits in a shoe very well, it will show great results. These shoe trees are very durable and the build quality is very sturdy. These shoe trees are a perfect choice for a variety of leather, loafers and dress shoes.

7. Boot trees

This type of shoe plant is recognizable from a distance and its body is divided into two parts. And that two parts are connected by a rod. The heel part of their back is slightly larger and higher than the other shoe trees. These shoe trees are made especially for boot shoes.

8. Hollowed shoe trees

These types of shoe trees are called hollow shoe trees. They are similar in function and design to the hinged shoe tree, but the biggest difference is the large holes in the hollow shoe tree. These shoe trees are beautiful to look at as well as very light in weight so you can make them your travel companion. Also works great with leather, loafers and dress shoes of the same size.

One of their specialties is that they absorb moisture from shoes very easily and keep them fresh. Unfortunately these shoe trees do not have a spring mechanism so they cannot be adjusted to fit different sizes of shoes.

9. Bespoke shoe trees

What would be your reaction if the shopkeeper gives you three pieces of wood tied with rope instead of the name of the expensive shoe tree? Aren’t you more surprised by this than all the shoe trees above?

These are the Bespoke shoe trees. In many places it is known as the three-piece shoe tree. This shoe tree is divided by three pieces of wood. They are only tied with a rope and when they are held together they form the shape of a whole shoe.

This type of shoe tree perfectly supports the upper part of your shoe, also maintains the original shape of the shoe by applying equal pressure around the shoe.

How To Use A Shoe Tree or A Shoe Shaper?

Before using a shoe tree, make sure you know that this is not a tree it’s a shoe shaper device.

Ok, let’s follow the steps.

  1. First loosen the shoelaces so that the shoe tree can enter it effortlessly.
  2. Then grab the shoe handle or hook and insert it inside the shoe. * The heel portion of most shoe trees can bend due to the mechanism when inserted into the shoe.
  3. Then, according to the mechanism of your shoe tree, gently place it’s heel on the back of the shoe. Remember not to over-emphasize. (If your shoe tree has a lock system, lock it by putting it on, or if the shoe tree has a rod attached to a spring, squeeze it and insert it inside the shoe.)
  4. Once the shoe tree fits into the shoe, tighten the shoelaces so that the shoe can get full support of the shoe plant.

Tips from Shoelo.in

  • If the shoe tree is too short for your shoe, skip using it immediately. Instead, use another shoe tree that matches the size of the shoe.
  • Every time you come home, make sure you take off your shoes and put the shoe trees in.
  • Some say a shoe tree should be kept inside the shoe for 20-30 minutes while others say that it should be kept for 24 hours. But I do not want to confuse you. After using the shoes, put the shoe tree inside the shoe until you wear them again.But remember the shoe tree shouldn’t be too tight for your shoes.

Benefits Of Using A Shoe Tree or Shoe Shaper?

The main function of all shoe trees is the same. But would you believe me if i tell you your shoes can get more benefits from a shoe tree?

But there is a condition that your shoe shaper must be made of wood.

A wooden shoe tree has many more qualities than a plastic shoe tree. Just as a shoe tree made of plastic will only maintain the actual size of your shoes but a wooden shoe tree will do much more than maintain the original size which is mentioned below.

  • On hot days, it absorbs moisture from the shoes and keeps them dry.
  • The shoe tree removes odors and provides fragrance and freshness to the shoe.
  • Protects the upper part of the shoe from wrinkles and keeps the shoe as new forever.
  • Increases the lifespan of your favorite shoe by 5 times.
  • Features to look before buying a shoe tree.


What is the point of using shoe tree?

The main reason for using shoe plants is to keep the shape of the shoe exactly the same when you are not wearing shoes. By keeping your shoe straight and inflated, it keeps the upper part and the heel part of the shoe in the right shape which shrinks gradually. This is effective if you are concerned about the look of your shoe or want to keep the shoe material fresh for a long time.

Shoe trees also protect the shoe from the creases. When you are walking, the shoes bend with the feet and some creases are gradually created in the upper part of the shoes for repeating the same action. Which makes the new shoe look old very quickly. Here a shoe tree helps. By using a shoe tree in the shoe after you can stop the possibility of creases on it.

Also a wooden shoe tree helps to eliminate shoe odor. Wooden shoe tree absorb moisture from the shoe and keep it fresh all the time with its natural fragrance.

A wooden shoe tree is usually a little expensive. To many, this may seem like a luxury, as i think too. But if you want to get rid of odors from your favorite shoes, follow these tips instead of buying a wooden shoe tree.

How long should you leave shoe trees in?

There is no perfect time to leave the shoe tree in the shoe. But every shoe tree should be kept inside a shoe after considering the design.

A spring shoe tree can create problems for leather or dress shoes. Because their ends are connected by a pointed round design. The spring shoe tree does not apply pressure to the entire back of the shoe, but only to a specific area. As a result, the size of the shoe destroys over time and also effects the shoe material.

On the other hand a wooden shoe tree such as a cedar shoe tree can be kept inside the shoe forever. Because most wooden shoes are almost shoe-shaped, they perfectly the actual size of the shoe by applying equal pressure from the toe to heel of the shoe.

Are shoe trees bad?

The shoe tree is designed for the good health of a shoe but in some cases choosing the wrong shoe tree can damage your shoes. E.g.

A shoe tree with a narrow heel design can change the shape of the back of your favorite shoe. The narrow heels will create pressure only on the back of the shoe. After a while the back of the shoe will turn into an awkward shape which will be very difficult to fix later.

If the shoe tree is smaller than your shoe or the hump (upper part) of the shoe tree could not able to support the upper part of the shoe properly, then your shoe will start to change from its original shape to the shoe tree shape which may cause you some problems.

Tip: ( Desi Jugad )
If you have such a problem, insert some news paper in the shoe before using the shoe tree, this will allow the shoe tree to reach the upper level of the shoe and give ultimate support.

How much should i invest in a shoe tree?

How much money you should spend on a shoe tree depends entirely on your budget, the price of your shoes and also the quality of your shoes.

If you have sneakers, canvas, school shoes for daily use, you can use a plastic shoe. Also you can use it on hiking shoes or boot. Plastic shoe trees are usually sold as sets and cost between ₹300 to ₹600. Plastic shoe plants are best for beginners.

If you have expensive dress shoes or high quality leather shoes, loafers then you must use a wooden shoe for their longevity. Wooden shoe trees cost more than plastic shoe trees. Usually you can get a pair of wooden shoe trees between ₹1500 and ₹2000 in the the online market.

The Bottom Line

This is the complete in-depth post about “7 Best Adjustable Shoe Trees (Plastic+Wooden) Online in India”.

In this post you’ll get informations about 7 Best Adjustable Shoe Trees (Plastic+Wooden) Online in India. All of the products in the list are most selling shoe trees on online shopping platforms right now. Many people have benefited by these shoe trees. After considering so many reviews and their features we have listed the best Adjustable Shoe Shapers (Plastic+Wooden) Online in India in the top 7 list.

If you need a lightweight shoe trees for travelling then your should pick this and if you are finding a ideal shoe tree for your premium leather shoe or dress shoe then nothing will be best than a wooden shoe tree. Your premium shoes deserve a good quality shoe tree.

Let me know in the comments section which one you found best for your shoes and why you chose the product?

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