Everything About Loop Laces and Top Brands Of It in India

Loop laces are designed to tighten the shoe without any knots and to get rid of the laces hanging on it. These shoe laces are hook/loops type which need to be tightened to the shoe eyelets. These shoe laces are also called no tie shoe laces. These are thin in size and range from 1.18 to 2 inches in length.

For one pair you will get 10 to 14 shoe strings. Most tie free shoe strings are made of silicone, as a result they are very flexible and durable, not easily torn. Due to the nature of rubber, they are waterproof and very easy to clean.

Its design is totally different from the traditional shoe laces and it is very convenient. Where you have to bend over tie and loosen a simple shoelace, here with the help of loop lace you can wear shoes by just sliding the foot in the shoe.

It saves 5 times more time than ordinary shoe laces. These no tie shoe strings help to turn any pair of lace-up shoes into slip-on sneakers.

It is compatible for everyone and works great with sneakers and office shoes. Also These shoelaces come in various color variations to match all shades of your boots, now you can choose the one you like.

Shoe laces are usually made of cotton or fiber. Shoe laces are called Shoestring or bootless. Shoe laces are generally of four types, those are

1. Traditional round oval Shoelace
2. Flat Shoelaces
3. No tie Shoelaces
4. Shoestrings

How Can You Use Loop Laces or No-tie Shoe Strings?

It is very easy to install the loop laces or shoe strings in a shoe than the ordinary shoelaces. Installing normal shoelaces on a shoe can take a lot of time whereas you can install the loop laces or shoe strings on the shoe in just 5 minutes by following these steps.

Step 1: Hold the end of the shoelace and insert it through the first eyelet of the shoe.

Step 2: Then grab the other part of the shoelace and insert it inside the other eyelet.

Step 3: Then tighten the shoelace by hand, adjust the position.

Step 4: Install all loop laces inside all eyelet using the same method.


No matter how good the quality of the shoe laces is, you always have to bend and take the time to tie them. As a result, your time is wasted as well as your shoes have a chance to loosen up. Am i right?

But if you use a no tie shoe strings instead of a traditional shoe lace, you can wear and take off your shoes without any hassle.

So, In this article, I added the best selling no tie shoe string shoelaces. From here you can choose the best flat shoelaces for your favorite shoes according to your choice, need and budget. Our team always checks a lot of reviews before selecting any product, so you can trust on these products.

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List Of Best No-Tie Elastic Shoe Strings Brands in India

One thing we all know is that buying good and reliable products at good prices from the online market is a matter of time. In order to find a good brand name, you need to check out a lot of reviews of their products. So for your convenience, we have made a list of the 3 best no tie shoe string brands names, now you can easily choose the best brand’s flat shoelaces for your shoes. Hopefully this will help you for product selection.

  • Lify
  • VM

Our team always checks a lot of reviews before selecting any product, so you can trust on these shoe strings brands.

Note: The names of all the brands in this list are not based on reviews, the ranking position of the brands are based only on the numbers of item sold on Online Shopping Platforms. So in the future there is a possibility of changing their position or adding a new brand name. Shoeslo.in always tries to give you true and healthy information.

The Bottom Line

This is the complete in-depth post about ” Best Shoe Strings for Shoes In India”.

In this post I’ve shared informations about top no tie shoe strings for every kind of shoes in india. All of the products in the list are most selling shoelaces on Online Shopping Platforms right now. Many people have benefited by these shoelaces while running, hiking etc. After considering so many reviews and their features we have listed the tie free shoe strings in the top 6 list.

Here we have tried to keep different colors of no tie shoe strings. Each shoelaces has different features and prices, so you can choose the shoe bag according to your budget, needs and preferences.

Let me know in the comments section which one you found best for your shoes and why you chose the product?

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