Everything About No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces and The India’s Top Brands.

A shoelace that can be used to tighten shoes without a knot is called a no tie shoelaces, the concept of such shoelaces is very different from normal shoelaces. No-tie shoe laces are fitted to the shoe with the help of a lock clip device.

As there don’t need any knots and no tangles so there is no chance for the shoes to loosen. Also help relieve stress and give kids, adults and adults a sense of freedom.

Also these shoelaces are great for a variety of shoes such as sneakers, boots, casual shoes as well as the subtle holes in them. Silicone shoe laces are the world’s first no-tie shoelaces that can be used for any shoe, as well as provide a comfortable, stylish addition and easy to use environment. These are thin in size and range from 1.18 to 2 inches in length.

How to use a No-Tie Shoelaces on a shoe?

No-tie shoe laces are not a big deal at all. Even no-tie shoe laces are easier to use than ordinary shoe laces. Follow the steps.

  1. Lace your shoes: Gently remove your old shoe laces and start inserting the new one as you normally would.
  2. Replace your laces: Thread the laces through the passage of the lock device, press down on the top of the lock and slide the lock towards the shoe tongue.
  3. Trim to fit: Trim off the excess lace using a pair of scissors. Trim off the excess lace as you need it, but for adjustment we recommend leaving 1.5 finger size part on top of the lock.
  4. Secure the clip: Thread the trimmed lace through the holes in the cord clip and align it with the “teeth” inside. Then, snap the cord clip together with light force to secure.

Best No Tie Elastic Shoelaces Brands In India

Buying good and reliable products from the online market at good prices is a matter of time. If you want to find a good brand name, you have to check a lot of reviews. this is what makes me, to create a list of 5 best  no tie shoelaces brands names for you, so that you can easily choose the best brand’s no tie elastic shoelaces for your shoes. Hopefully this will help you for product selection.

  2. PALAY
  3. LOOPS
  5. GO

The names of all the brands in this list are not based on reviews, the ranking position of the brands are based only on the numbers of item sold on Online Shopping Platforms. So in the future there is a possibility of changing their position or adding a new brand name. Shoeslo.in always tries to give you true and healthy information.

Tying shoelaces and untying them again can be a bit problematic in some time. You always have to bend down and give time to tie normal shoelaces.

It is very easy to wear shoes using No Tie Elastic Shoelaces instead of this method. You don’t need to tie the shoe tightly in the traditional way, just slide your foot into a shoe and press a button to tight the shoeslaces.


Q. What are no tie shoelaces called?

You can call No tie shoe laces by many different names such as elastic lace, stretch shoe lace and tileless lace. No-tie shoe laces can quickly turn your any shoes into a stylish slip-on. Its system is so easy to put on and take off shoes, also It saves your time before leaving for office, school or last time of the flight.

Q. What are elasticated laces?

Elastic laces are designed so that they easily lock the tight fit of the shoe. In fact, lace-up shoes can be easily molded into slip-on shoes using elastic shoelaces. This provides a long lasting snag fit, and reduces the chances of the shoe becoming loose.

Q. Are elastic laces good choice ove normal shoelaces?

Yes elastic shoe laces are a very good choice for shoes, sneakers, running shoes, hiking boots etc.

Elastic laces maintain the durability of the foot shoe and can stay in the same position for a long time. If you are thinking of using it in leather shoes, it will not give you that classic pleasure at all.

Can you replace laces with elastic?

Simply put, no tie elastic shoe laces would be great instead of the usual traditional shoe laces.

If you want to enjoy comfortable slip-on shoes in your ordinary lace-up shoes, replace your old fashioned shoe laces with no-tie elastic shoe laces. No-tie shoe laces work great with shoes, sneakers, running shoes, hiking boots etc.

Q. How does no tie shoelaces work?

I would say no-tie shoe laces are much easier to use than ordinary shoe laces. With the spring-loaded lock device of the elastic shoelace, you can give your shoe a tigh fit with just one push. Follow the steps which I have already provided in this article.

Q. Do Lock Laces work?

No-tie lock laces are not only easy to use but also work perfectly. They are usually elastic in nature to provide comfort to the feet while walking. If you use no-tie elastic shoe laces for once, you won’t want to go back to old fashioned shoes. No-tie shoelace has many features such as you don’t need to tie a knot, you can get multiple color options etc.

The Bottom Line

This is the complete in-depth post about ” No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces For Shoes In India“.

If i get a chance to choose a no tie shoelace, my choice will be this LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces). Obviously this is because most people have benefited from using this product for them. This no tie shoelace is made for people of any generation as well as its elastic design is ideal for different types of shoes, also these shoelaces come in different colors as compared to the rest of the shoelaces listed, so you can choose the one you like.

Let me know in the comments section which one you found best for your shoes and why you chose the product?

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